Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – “World’s Champion Bull Thrower” Coffee Mug


The first thing I do on Sunday mornings is to brew a reallllly strong cup of coffee, well, decaf, and set about trying to knock out all the tasks I know will make the coming week much easier if they’re not piled up and waiting for me Monday morning. This big bull cup holds twice as much as a normal coffee cup and I’ve used it so much I almost look at it as my pet.

The cup looks somewhere between mass-produced and handmade, only one coat of glaze on the lettering – as a ceramicist myself I can tell you this comes from pure laziness – as well as parts of the bull being a little lumpier than he should be. No manufacturing marks anywhere so who knows?  I just know I’m a pretty good bull thrower myself and lifting this cup puts a smile on my lips whether bull’s coming out of them or not.



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  • KathyCunningham says:

    Allee..thank you for the running of your bull!
    Grabbing it by the horns every which way!

  • Thanks for the running of your bull!
    Very good!

  • Christine says:

    Hi Allee
    I have the same mug! I live in New Zealand and the mug was given to my father who died over 40 years ago. I didn’t know him but apparently he was such a Bull thrower he couldn’t even lie straight in bed! I just did a google search and your page came up which I find really funny as my daughter is a friend of yours on facebook. You really have to wonder at the coincidences in life.
    kind regards

  • Christine says:

    My daughter is Sarah O’Connell.
    Yes it is nice to know there is another mug. I wonder how big the herd of bull mugs was and how they ended up on the opposite sides of the globe.
    I may have to try a coffee out of mine as it has just sat on a shelf for years.
    The only other thing I have of my fathers is quite interesting too. It is a tray with different wood and a picture of Rio part painted and part butterfly wings. It is very unusual.
    Love your music Sarah showed me when she was home.

  • Gery says:

    I did the same thing – a google search and here I am. I was just going through my Dad’s house in Denver, CO and came on his “World’s Champion Bull Thrower Mug” – he probably brought it to CO from Oregon or Idaho. Not as elaborate as yours but just as full of bull I’m certain.
    Cheers !

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