Allee’ Willis Kitsch O’ The Day – Hostess Cupcake Box


I only wish the real thing looked as good as this plastic trinkets box that looks like I remember Hostess cupcakes looking like back in the day. Today the real thing has shrunken to abnormally small sizes, the signature white curlicue fading to a limpy brown color as God knows what chemicals keep the cakes fresh in their individually wrapped packages. With this said, as much as I once loved Hostess cupcakes I still keep hope alive that one day when I open this box the cream filling will miraculously be waiting for me in the middle.



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  • Didja know the squiggle is trademarked? And it’s always 7?

  • Allee says:

    I had NO idea!

  • kristy says:

    check out this website…
    talk about kitsch!

  • I think this may have been marketed as an actual Cupcake tote (to pack in a lunchbox, for instance). I’ve got a figure of Twinkie The Kid sold for that purpose. He has bendy arms and legs, and you take his hat off to insert the Twinkie inside. I don’t actually LIKE Twinkies (I’m a Zingers man, myself), but I recognized a quality product when I saw it.

  • EG says:

    Thanks GoingLikeSixty — the fact about the trademarked seven loops on every Hostess Cupcake is a wonderful nugget of news. I’m partial to the orange topped cupcake with the yellow cake. Never even thought to count the rings. And Devlin — I agree about the cupcake box being a protective container though it definitely looks good enough to eat.

  • Allee says:

    My favorites were Hostess snowballs, the pink ones. Wouldn’t mind having one of those to keep in this box right now!

  • christine says:

    hi where did you purchace this or where can i find one iv been looking for a hostess cup cake for 2 years now and would love to have one and what you show is perfect please help thanks so much

    • Allee says:

      I got it as a gift about 10 years ago. I know it came from a thrift shop so unfortunately I have no hints beyond Ebay of where you might find one. Sorry, as it’s a great little case.

  • Tiny says:

    I, too, searched high and low for them for a magic trick I do for children. I found 5 of them (and I only needed 3 to do the trick) – so I decided to hang onto the other two as “spares” in case the others wore out – that was 3 years ago and they are STILL GOING STRONG! If you would like one or both of the other two – let me know! I will sell them to ya.

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