Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Market Basket Coffee Can

market-basket-coffee-can_2418I love names that are this unassuming.  Market Basket Coffee.  But who wants their coffee to taste like a market basket when you think about it? It’s not very exotic, just a bunch of metal bars being rolled around and stuffed with  food, cleaning products, panty liners and the like. Maybe it was a brand from some big supermarket called Market Basket. Maybe they just wanted to be super generic and basic like a good cup of coffee sitting next to a fried egg; no muss/no fuss, just a nice basic breakfast that won’t upset your stomach and a nice vintage can that still looks good.

The can is battered from decades of use, missing the top and scratched, but still has a permanent spot in the Willis Wonderland kitchen holding its precious cargo that also starts with a ‘c’, cat food.


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  • Nessa says:

    Market Basket is indeed a southern grocery store, but I don’t know the age of the chain.

  • Windupkitty says:

    The was a Market Basket Grocery Store in El Segundo, CA…did you find this in LA?

  • Howard says:

    Market Basket was indeed a southern (California) supermarket chain that was eventually bought out by Ralphs (now owned by Kroger.) While there are other chains operating under the “Market Basket” name, this can certainly came from the one in Southern California as can be seen in the photos on this site :

  • Allee says:

    Windup – Yes, found in LA but ages ago.

    Howard – Thanx for info. Kroger was big supermarket when I was growing up in Detroit so I’m happy to see it thriving. And thanks for sending that link. As soon as I saw the photos I recognized the more contemporary sign and realized I indeed have seen Market Basket stores here in LA.

  • Howard says:

    You’re VERY welcome!

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