2ND Period Art

Bubbles the artist's original site includes her paintings and ceramics from my discovery of her in 1999 until 2005 when I, her Grammy-winning, Emmy and Tony nominated manager, Allee Willis, got the gig to co-write the (hit) Broadway musical, The Color Purple. I was forced to send Bubbles into retirement because I had to focus but my plan was always that being the only other person in the room when we wrote the show Bubbles would document '"The Making Of " The Color Purple' in a series of paintings and ceramics after the show opened. But when that happened in December, 2005 Bubbles didn't feel like painting anymore.

Bubbles' Second Period, what we're in now, began in 2006 when she and partner-at-the-time, Cheesecake, released their first music video, "It's A Woman Thang", which Bubbles co-wrote, sang, painted, animated and directed. It exploded on YouTube and is the Official Honoree in the viral category of the 2008 Webbys. Bubbles is now as firmly multi-media as I am.

Soonafter I discovered her nine years ago, The New York Times printed that I actually was Bubbles the artist. I vehemently denied it saying I just stumbled on her on the Internet and she was an artist and her art I wanted to bring to the world. My favorite thing about representing Bubbles in her First Period was that almost all of the hundreds of people who bought her work knew we were one and the same person but played along anyway, speaking to me as the manager, asking if I could get in touch with her, respecting the distance my reclusive client insisted on keeping. But here, in the early dawn of her Second Period, I proudly acknowledge that Bubbles is my alter-ego, the part of me who insists on having fun, keeps self judgement at bay and enthusiastically expresses in whatever medium possible whatever's in her head. I have evangelized about the social and equalizing aspects of the Internet since 1991, praising the armys of citizen artists who have been created in its wake, shaking business, art and life establishments to their core. Bubbles is an artist who could only exist in the Digital Age as I reuse her images in all forms of entertainment across all existing pop mediums as well as those to come. It is with great pleasure that I have worked alongside her through her two most significant (and only) Periods. Here then is Bubbles' latest repetoire.

Bubble Gets The Shaft Lily Tomlin introduces Bubbles the artist Driving While Black Fat Girl
Bubbles gets the Shaft!
Lily Tomlin introduces
Bubbles the artist
"Driving While Black" "Fat Girl"
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