Colonel Sanders’ Tijuana Picnic album
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Because when you think “Tijuana,” naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is KFC!


a taste of honey

lonely bull

chili verde

spanish flea

our day will come


Tijuana Taxi

Green Peppers

El garbanzo

El Toro

third man theme

What Allee has to say about this:
I love that the Colonel wasn’t even invited to the picnic and is merely an onlooker. But at least he gets the tree to lean back on. The heavenly glow of the flash prevents me from seeing whether he actually has some chicken in his hands.

This is some fancy picnic with the fruit actually in a basket. I’m also impressed with the two kind of matching thermoses. And when did they start making those extra-large KFC boxes? Looks big enough to hold a turkey.

The real mystery to me, though, is what anything on the cover has to do with Tijuana anything. You’d think if the Colonel had this kind of an album out that they’d at least make some kind of chicken special featuring salsa or peppers and that’s what the people on the front cover would be eating. Even the Colonel’s “famous picnic menu” on the back cover has nothing to do with south of the border anything. It’s this kind of disconnect where none of the details are attended to that makes for some of the best Kitsch around.