Jellybean Ho Ho Ho
From the collection of: Mark Blackwell
Located in : Art, Crafts, Fashion, Holiday, Statuary/ Sculptural


This is my latest jellybean art piece, “Jellybean Ho Ho Ho,” constructed especially for Ghettogloss Art Gallery’s December 2009 “12 Days Of Christmas” progressive celebration. It involves a mannequin foot, some vintage wrapping paper I found in the trash, a desk drawer I came across on the side of the road, and a great number of jellybeans. Go see it in person throughout the month of December 2009 at Ghettogloss on Melrose – it’s right next to the beer machine! Happy holidays!

What Allee has to say about this:
he composition is fantastic on this! I love how snug the jelly beans are on the foot and leg. Did you use a mannequin part and mount on top? Vintage wrapping paper is perfect, hinting at the season but not causing a Christmas overload.