ROCK CONCERT by Denny Dillon
From the collection of: dennydillon
Located in : Art, Music, Statuary/ Sculptural, Toys


9″w 5 1/4″ h 3″d
This is my blazing (notice sun and stars and fireworks, hands upreached, and a cracking tower Tarot card) Rock Concert. I am especially fond of the singer with mike on stand and behind her biblical figures (found that strange religious card at a Barn sale). I have art cards of audience and some miniature people all dancing and jiving to the guitar player on the center acorn. I made a bleacher seat on the upper left of a shell I found on the beach. There are a few concert goers seated there and many wild women taking off their tops and dancing on ladders and a marble on the center floor. Those little figures are from Germany, where else? I hand painted in psychedelic colors the antique cigar box which encloses this miniature world. And of course, Mr. Peanut in the back left is the king of the piece.

What Allee has to say about this:
This piece is great! I love how much is going on, the scale, the combination of the little people toys and Mr. Potato Head. It totally captures the insanity of what goes on at a rock concert. Really like the go-go girl on top of the ladder as well as the folks on the balcony. Also that you mixed in b/w photos, the penguin audience and the fact that a seashell was used as the building block of the bleachers.