Zombie go-go girls
From the collection of: MeshuggaMel
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A part of the “sad-eyed girl” ouvre, these two go-go girls border on expressionless. Are they vapid? Are they under some form of mind-control? Did they sell their souls for rock and roll?

This beauty is by “Lee” and is about 2 feet tall.

What Allee has to say about this:
As soon as anything’s from the ’60s and involves music but wasn’t created by someone who was actually making music there’s a great possibility for a high K. factor. The whole big eyed Keane thing always freaked me out because everyone had that ‘aliens in mourning’ look. But I myself would’ve bought this one for all the 60s fads crammed into this painting.

Here’s what works for me in Lee’s masterpiece: A) the acoustic guitar, B) the go-go boots, C) the T-strap shoes, D) the ironed flat hairdos, E) the single big dangle earring, F) the fashionable dresses. My absolute favorite aspects however are G) what’s that happening on the guitar player’s strumming hand?- is that a black worm crawling between her fingers? and H) what’s that blotch on her knee? A massive mole? A designer Band-Aid? A water stain on the painting?