From the collection of: monica johnson
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Michael Jackson has left the stage, leaving the many people and animals who loved him and who he made dance grieve for happier days. They are crying over a mask. Only a giraffe from Neverland sees the skinny man behind the mask walk off to a better place. We hope it’s better.
This piece is part of the Arnie Klein collection, made from things from thrift stores, some vintage. The base is a dish holder upside down. The nurse is from Japan. The blue fairy is a toy from a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

What Allee has to say about this:
I love these art works by Monica Johnson. She has an unbelievable imagination and is a great writer to boot. I love when someone’s imagination just spills out on the canvas, in this case a dish holder and masterfully interpreting the effect of Michael Jackson’s passing. I’m happy that the giraffe got the final word.

Way more Monica to come so keep checking the new submissions.