David and Darcy “Warm and Mellow” lp
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Okay, the “sweet roll hair-do” resurfaces a bit. Hey, it can’t be that bad, it’s in stereo! I feel mellow already.

What Allee has to say about this:
Really, what can you say? One must inevitably begin with Darcy, though it’s hard to get past the perfectly posed portrait of the two of them in matching and complementary colors perfectly framing the teeny tiny flower arrangement and cylinder spiral candle on the only-slightly-larger- than-TV-table sized red velvet draped table, all perfectly positioned in front of a tie-dyed sheet. But it really is Darcy who’s the scene stealer here. Not Darcy so much as her hair.

I have literally never seen a hairdo like this and I am someone whose passion in life is looking for hairdos like this. What the hell is going on there? Is that a wig or a fall pinned on to the back of her real hair? Is her sister standing behind her? Who did her real hair with the dip that should have skateboarders racing to wherever she is? Is that a bow or a hairband or just some knotted up hair bulging out in the middle right where the two hairdos meet ? Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like her hair or their hair or whatever it is that’s going on up there.

I would be remiss if I left Darcy before also giving a shout out to her incredible blouse. Or is that a jacket insert? Yes, it’s the front panel of the jacket because I see the blue dickey popping up in the midst of it.

Now on to David who looks like he could the brother of actor Warren Oats. Love the polyester suit with the super wide lapels. Wait, I just noticed something else about Darcy. Doesn’t she have extraordinarily large hands, like larger than David’s?

David’s tie is a perfect 1970s plaid-ish pattern set again a shirt with collar is that could give wings to the flying nun. His hair is like a rain soaked tarmack and he has the beginnings of an excellent combover.

I also really love that they’re both basically wearing the same color blue.

I would kill to know if David and Darcy ever made it ” warm & mellow”.