Thank heaven for little girls…
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Big eyed girls (and one boy, or perhaps cross-dresser) by several artists, touching on some of the major themes in the big-eyed child world – kittens, guitars and lost waifs. They range in emotion from the happy girl on the upper left to the somber waif at the bottom of the stairs on the right, to the vacuous zombie girls with the guitars in the center.

These hang on our daughter’s wall, along with the previously posted clowns. My husband and I have already started putting away money for her therapy fund.

What Allee has to say about this:
I was never a big collector of Keane paintings because they took off so fast and those big round zombie eyes were everyplace you looked in the late 1960s. But seeing them all grouped together like this makes me wish I hadn’t passed so many of them up over the years. I do have the one of the dancing go-go girl and her mutant partner guitar player someplace and also the classic black and white one with the girl and her pussy.

Could you please take a separate large photo of the go-go girls/guitar mutant one so I can award it a CertifiKitsch?