Cheese City inspired by Jim Flora painting
From the collection of: mcwans
Located in : Food, Places, Statuary/Sculptural, Toys


What Allee has to say about this:
I’m curious to know what happened to this sculpture over time. Did it harden into some prehistoric excavated city? Did varmits get it? Was it destroyed as soon as the photos were taken?

Yes I cut the cheese. That’s too much funny I guess. I carved the cheese city.

If it were to harden to some prehistoric excavated city that would be totally awesome. Varmits have not gotten to it yet. It’s over a year old. I still have it in my room. It actually looks pretty well preserved. I sprayed some fixative on it trying to preserve it better. The back is starting to get moldy. But most people that see it just say “hey cool cheese city.” I took some more resent pictures of it. It is a little dryer but it really doesn’t look much more older.