Mi Mi’s Cafe, Grant City, Alabama 9/15/09
From the collection of: Julie Brumlik
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My mother, sister Amy and I got there just as they were closing up Sunday dinner (noon), so we had the cafe to ourselves. I ordered “Unsweet” to drink … it tasted like glucose. Their “Sweet” tea would put me in a coma.

“Meat and Three” : meatloaf, sweet coleslaw, creamed corn, mashed & gravy.

What Allee has to say about this:
That Strawberry Pretzel Salad is enough to make me hop in my Studebaker and drive cross country to go to Mi Mi’s. This place not only looks like a perfect Kitsch palace but has a menu to match. The creamed corn spilling over the side of the bowl is heaven. And don’t start me on the Mile High Coconut Pie. If this were close to my house I’d buy myself a gift certificate there for the next year and be very happy not going anywhere else. This is where I want my birthday party next year to be.

Strawberry Pretzel, a salad made with jello and crushed pretzels, is a vegetable option:

Mile-High Coconut Cream Pie, 3 forks: