Biography - Bubbles the artist

Allee Willis discovered Bubbles the artist in 1999 and immediately started to manage her.  Since that time Bubbles has sold over 1000 paintings and ceramic works.   In addition, Willis and Bubbles collaborated with Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner designing, scoring and animating, an online universe based on Tomlin’s life and her Tony Award winning play, ‘The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life In The Universe’, which featured a character, Kate, whose physical persona was based on Willis. Bubbles art directed "Fat Girl", a series of animated shorts co-created and scored by Willis that ran on the Oxygen Network for two years, as well as  "Driving While Black”, an animated series co-created and scored by Willis on Bubbles was commissioned to make salad bowl portraits of the cast of  ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ by the show’s creator and was also commissioned to do portraits of Tracey Ullman, Jesse Jackson and Angelyne among many others.  In 2001, Willis and Bubbles received official commendations from the City of Los Angeles for contribution to the Arts.

Willis long denied the rumor printed in the New York Times that she actually is Bubbles but upon the creation of the musical group Bubbles & Cheesecake in 2007, acknowledged that Bubbles is, in fact, her alter-ego.  Bubbles & Cheesecake, which both Willis and Bubbles are members of, had a YouTube hit with their first music video, “It’s A Woman Thang”, which also earned them the distinction of Official Honoree in the viral category of this year’s Webby Awards.  Their second video, “Editing Is Cool” and the presentation of their first painting collaborations, the Print Painting series, marks the first time the two have worked together with physical paint as all previous collaborations have been confined to the digital sphere.