Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Happy Halloween Terrarium Candy Bowl

The only thing green this vintage 1970′s terrarium has ever been home to is if some candy happens to come in a green wrapper. It’s never housed any plants, little rock gardens or anything else that one might find in a planter but, rather, has been a big, fat bowl of sweets its whole life. One might assume this only happens around Halloween but this candy bowl may as well be cemented to the floor as you enter my dining room for as popular a piece as it is.

No one has ever accused my house as being a haven for the health conscious. Candy abounds as sugar charged brains fit the mindset of Atomic design, not to mention a house that was built to be a party house year-round as mine was when it was built in 1937 as the party house for MGM. But one thing I can tell you about candy, unless a doctor has given you a skull and crossbones prescription for no sugar, even the staunchest vegan can’t pass up this candy bowl without dipping their hand in.

It doesn’t even look full in this photo but it can hold up to 25 pounds of candy with the lid on. I can’t take a photo of it overbrimming now as everything has been dumped out of it and put in little bags all ready to hand out for Halloween. I don’t dare leave the terrarium out on my porch as I can’t risk that some clown, avatar, angel or cowboy has a developed enough design aesthetic to know that the terrarium is the real treat and not the candy and takes that home instead.

Happy sugarcoated, caramel filled Halloween!

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  • GioLovesYou says:

    Love that! Great minds think alike!! I’ve been doing some research on mod design lately (which is something I enjoy doing) and came across some candy dispensers. I thought it would be so fun to have one in my new place (permanently like you have) and found this unique design that looks a bit space age:

    (kind of spendy though!)

    I also thought it would be fun to have a toy dispenser that contains some of my one-of-a-kind art creations in little plastic capsules, like Gio & Riffy earrings or rings or whatever I dream of…the idea being that you leave with a little piece of the artist in your pocket. :) I would custom design the art insert too:

    • Allee says:

      Yes, do it!! You can’t even believe how good of a mood it puts people in if you have something like this in your place. They all turn into children and conversation is much enhanced. Make sure and take photos and put them up at

  • GioLovesYou says:

    A little treat does seem to put a smile on faces. :)

  • tawnya says:

    My parents had a terrarium exactly like that one. I’ve been trying to find one to buy, but no luck. If you ever want to sell it please email me as I would love to buy it.

    • Allee says:

      I see these frequently on eBay. I’ve bought quite a few there. Not interested in selling mine as I use all of them but absolutely check eBay as for sure one will show up there.

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