Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Beatles Hair Pomade

I wasn’t even sure what this was when I saw it on eBay a few years ago but it looked like it couldn’t possibly have been actual sanctioned Beatles swag, and that alone kicks it into a very high level of Kitsch. Besides, just the box – 5″x7″x1-3/4″ with colors so vibrant they make your brain rattle – was worth the 3 bucks it took to procure it.

George and John actually look like George and John.

But Paul kind of looks like a cross-eyed Paul and Ringo looks like Paul-but-not-really-but-certainly-not-like-Ringo.

When something comes packaged in the original cellophane as this Beatles product did it absolutely kills me to open it. But seeing as I really had no idea what lay within I had to carefully slice through the cello to reveal this:

100 tiny packages of Beatles pomade:

Greasy, waxy hair product that the Beatles never would have used on their Beatle hair as the whole point was that it bounced all over their head in rock ‘n roll defiance.  The wax still retains its original squish:

Now that the package is open to reveal the secrets within, my whole house smells like the bathroom at a Chinese restaurant circa 1964. Maybe because it was made on that side of the world that long ago.

That smell isn’t the best smell in the world to inspire brilliant music, which I have to write today, so I’ll confine myself to looking at the  box, not smearing anything on my head, and pray the Beatles vibe enters without rubbing it in with pomade.

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  • Georgia says:

    Extremely groovy find!

  • Nessa says:

    That is pretty amazing, what a deal!

  • Sally says:

    Euwwwww…….! Keep the pomade INSIDE the cellophane packets! I can imagine the smell……. And I bet it’s a really, really OLD smell, too….. But, gotta admit, what a Kitsch Find! And, unopened, you say….. Wow! Good luck with your music today!

  • jaye kerr says:

    $3.00 bucks!!! I would have paid $3.19 for that gem & would have likely opened it too! (and would now charge $3.00 a package!!)

  • howiepyro says:

    wow!!! thank god for you as i have had this for years & never had the nerve to open it to see what was inside!!! would make nice party favors for a hairdo party of some sort…i have one bathroom filled with displays of “voodoo” soaps & floor washes with crazy labels & names like “DESTROY EVERYTHING-BEAUTIFUL SCENT” which has a certain weird nice but horrible odor that i have come to love over the years…the beatles box is in that bathroom & now i think i’m gonna open it & seeeeeeeeeee…

    • Allee says:

      Where did you find yours? It’s sooooo obscure. I love collecting those non sanctioned star products. Would love to see more of your stash at!

  • howiepyro says:

    i may have gotten it on ebay…not sure…i know i have been outta “toutsch” for a while as i’ve been on the road endlessly, i’ll start photographing stuff again soon!!

  • mj hughes says:


    An unopened set is worth $400!!!!

  • Terry Crain says:

    Allee…can I use a photo or two in a book I’m writing on Beatles Memorabilia? Full citation, of course. Thanks.

    • Allee says:

      Yes, but must be credited to The Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch at Also, must know the name and probable release date of the book as well as receive a copy when it’s out. Please advise before proceeding. Thanks!

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