Allee Willis Kitsch O’ The Day – Hollywood Finger Cigarette Ring

The only thing I love more than a really bad fashion idea is a really excellent display card to feature it on. The idea of a cigarette ring, or any kind of a ring to park some kind of smokable in, is actually pretty great were the part of the ring meant to hold the smoldering log large enough to accommodate it. But in the case of the Hollywood Finger Ring, unless you’re packing Virginia Slims, that ain’t going to happen.

Though they do suggest this:

Then again, why don’t you just carry a blowtorch? But, if we give some license and assume that a cigarette or some other rolled substance would, in fact, fit into the little carriage, here are some of the many instances in which such a ring would come in very handy:

As much as I abhor cigarettes or being in the vicinity of someone else partaking of the habit, I really think this is a brilliant concept. However, in addition to the already discussed too small opening for an actual sized cig, the rings are made of colorful plastic. Which means that they would most likely appeal most to kids. Who we don’t want to encourage to smoke. So this brilliant concept = stupid product.  Which is just what we love placing on the shelves here at The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch.

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  • Laurie says:

    This is a riot. I’m surprised there isn’t a photo of one clamped onto the side of a baby’s crib. Or better yet, several strung together with burning cigarettes attached as a colorful lit up mobile above the baby crib.

  • Mike Winer says:

    Great kitsch – If I could get some of these I think I would stop trying to quit the cigs for a while

  • Janelle Palmer Williams says:

    My neighbor used to hang a smoldering cigarette from her mouth while preparing meals. The ash would get almost as long as the cigarette, and sometimes would fall into the meal. She was a Detroit classic, God rest her soul!!!!

  • Jess says:

    Is there a way to buy a couple? My friend games and that would be a good xmas gift for her.

    • Allee says:

      No, sorry. It’s a complete set and the importance of the artifact is that display itself with all the rings.

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