Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – What An UNBELIEVABLE Night at Mumford High!!

I wish I had time to write at length this morning because I can’t even tell you what a SPECTACULAR evening I had last night at my high school in Detroit, the greatest one of all, Mumford, about to be destroyed by the wrecking ball but still the most spirit-filled place in the city. Kids from the  choir, dance company and band performed some of my greatest hits while I told stories about how they were written. So many of my classmates showed up, some of whom I hadn’t seen since I graduated, some of my family, the ones who weren’t afraid to show some soul, leave the burbs and come into the real city, friends I’ve made on my last couple visits here and, of course, the wonderful and dedicated Mumford teachers, principal and former principal, and staff who helped so much to make this one of the favorite nights of my life.

I have to race out of the hotel seriously fast and check out a recording studio because I’m hell-bent and determined to collaborate with the entire city, at least any of those who want to be on a record, on a Detroit song that I’ve been working on back in LA with my upcoming live show bandleader, Andrae Alexander. Then race back to the hotel to change and get over to Cass Technical High School where the City Council will be presenting me with the Spirit of Detroit Award, and where I’ll also be attending another performance my musical, The Color Purple, all the while trying to edit the close to 600 photos taken last night, not to mention at least 10 hours of film from cameras we placed all over  the auditorium.

I hope to be blogging a lot about this next week once I’m back in LA so please check back then. Until then, I’m cheering for you, Mumford High! And Onward, Detroit!

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  • Sally says:

    OMG Allee! I got behind in the posts and have just caught up! Laughing and laughing at the post from ‘the airplane,’ and the terminals. I can relate to how completely frustrated you were. That’s a L O N G trip, was it 14 hours?? You could have DRIVEN there more quickly! And I’m just ‘getting it’ that they’re TEARING DOWN Mumford High….? What???? Well, that’s sad. It’s SUCH a cool building. LOVE LOVE LOVE the clock. Love the blue color. And such a great history. Isn’t that what usually breathes ‘community’ and ‘pride’ into a place? A great and wonderful history…? Isn’t that what’s NEEDED in Detroit? And such a beautiful art deco example. I don’t get it. Way too bad… Laughing and laughing at the suitcase full of shoes! Allee! Allee! Put the shoes in the suitcases WITH the outfits. What if that one bag with all the shoes got lost? You’d be SHOELESS! And in that same post, on April 11, the photo of your trusty assistants diligently bagging up goodies. The mask of you on a stick, in the green basket in the background…. LOVE the way the green color is …GLOWING… through the eye holes. Tee Hee! Sounds like you’re doing ‘real and permanent good’ back there in Detroit, and that the folks there are LOVIN’ YOU for it! You are creating positivity and pride into that community. You GO, girl! Welcome back home to LA, in advance! LOVE YOU! .sally

  • Karl says:

    Do you ever rest? You have enough energy for 6 people! I love your AA travel adventure.

    • Allee says:

      Rarely, though God knows I need to!

      I’m going to start blogging about Detroit as soon as I can go through the thousands of photos I have from the trip. I’m also now in rehearsals for my live show in LA in 2 weeks. But be on the lookout because I have a lot of stuff I want to post. This will mean many more nights of no sleep!

  • Troy says:

    So glad you had such a good time and were able to get one last look at Mumford (and your old auditorium seat).

    Looking forward to hearing the result of your collaborative effort with the city, but for now will have to be content with whatever Allee-ness the May 8 show will bring. Can’t wait!

  • Sonnie Day says:

    Hi Allee,

    It was a pleasure to meet you at our high school (MUMFORD). I would love to be apart of the collaboration for the Detroit song you mentioned in your blog. You really inspired me with your stories of how you got started, especially the fact you do not write, read, or play music. Your achievements inspire me, because I can’t do those things either. Yet I write music and sing, and hear the music in my head. THANKS MUSTANG!!

    • Allee says:

      Watch for details in my blog, Sonnie. When I finally figure out when it will work to do it, hopefully soon, sometime over the summer, contact me here and I’ll make it happen.

  • Erika says:

    Will a video be released of the performances?

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