For someone like me who likes to have the right purse for any possible theme this 13″ long plastic peanut seemed like it was perfect. Excellent as a summer BBQ fashion, it would also appear to be the perfect vessel to house the plethora of electronic gadgets I carry around with me which includes two cell phones, two digital recorders, two cameras and multiple batteries for all. I’m a firm believer in ‘two’ for any vital electronic gadget. Whether it’s dead batteries or service providers not working in certain areas, I learned long ago that dependence on a single electronic gadget is not the life for me. So I was elated to find a purse as cute as the peanut that could house all my paraphernalia and lined up in an orderly fashion no less. But a dead battery would have been a lot better than the dead phone, camera and recorder I experienced when I opened my peanut for the first time on a subway platform only to watch a train crush all three after they spilled out of easily the stupidest purse I ever carried. Though I suppose it was me who was really stupid. Anyone who wasn’t so carried away with the aesthetics would have realized that the way the two sides of the peanut were attached wasn’t really going to serve anyone well as a purse.


In my past, I oftentimes overlooked functionality for style. I was very taken with my peanut because I loved rubbing my fingers over all the little indented peanut textures. This is not how a normal person would judge a purse.


One also might’ve thought that aging would curb my propensity for walking around with a purse in the shape of another object. But that would be said by someone who didn’t know me very well.


These days, as my electronics arsenal grows, I carry a more practical purse and the peanut stays very close to home where it’s got lots of other peanut friends to keep it company.


10 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Vintage Plastic Peanut Purse”

  1. Georgia

    (Oh Allee! Reading this lets me know that you’re really gonna like that box I’m sending to you. I must finish some things up for it.)

    I’m certain Jimmy and Rosalynn would also approve of your peanut purse!

  2. Marla Kellman

    I hear you. Why put up with boring purses (it seems like that’s what most ladies out there do, anyways) when you can own them in all shapes, forms and materials. I say you go, Allee! Awesome purses!

  3. Allee

    You know I like the sound of that!

    And, yes, I agree that Jimmy and Rosalynn would approve. I used to have the peanut purse out on display sitting next to a can of Billy Beer.

  4. Mooshe

    I had TWO sizes of that watering can purse– one tiny, patented pleather white and big enough to match a little girl’s Easter dress… and one silver and big– sized like a real watering can of course! Even the bigger one needed to be unloaded every time I needed something out of it, so I stopped using it.

    I suppose the peanut purse could serve better as a lunchbox or… transistor radio.

  5. Susan

    I LOVE your peanut purse. I’ve been collecting bags for a long time and should post some of them, like my astroturf bag. I am very envious of that peanut!

    • Allee

      Susan, yes, absolutely post your purses. If they’re anything like your other stuff I know they’ll be great. Mooshe-If you still have your miniature watering can purse put that up please. Heidi, if ya gotta be something be one of a kind! I don’t think I had any distinct purses in college. I don’t think my personality in fashion really started to bloom until I was out on my own in NY.

  6. Chris W.

    “This is not how a normal person would judge a purse.” LOL

    Actually, it’s a good sign that you can at least IDENTIFY normal behavior… 😎