There’s nothing more I like to do on Sundays than take rides. I stock the car like it’s a motel, all amenities neatly arranged within arms reach, and tool through LA and vicinity photographing and making strategic pit stops at my favorite soul food restaurants. I’ve always dreamed of having a tricked out camper to make my rendezvous even more comfortable and have a selection of front mirror danglers, mud flaps and chasing lights license plate frames already purchased should the happy day ever arrive. In the meantime, I content myself with camper memorabilia, of which this quaint porcelain plate is requisite.


6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – “God Bless Our Camper” Plate”

  1. Ludovicah

    Thats awesome. My family and I spend much of the holidays of the 60s 70s and into 80s in our VW camper OK its not like this vehicle but I understand the sentiment Happy Days!

  2. Nikki Bee

    I love, lust, and like the photo.
    The angles cut around the plate it remarkable too.
    Thank you for sharing it with me. =)

  3. Allee

    @Ludovicah – That’s what I wanted my family to be doing in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s! @Nikki – Excellent that you noticed the angles around the plate. Makes it different from most of those other souvenir plates.

  4. windupkitty

    oh my god….i’m sending this KOTD to my pops…..this almost makes me tear up!!! I grew up camping and taking road trips with my family in our beloved 1973 ford ranger with a camper custom built by my pops….well, the camper wasn’t custom, but in the 80s, he bolted down a bench seat in the back so we kids could have seatbelts, built in a fridge, etc etc….she was the first new car my folk sever bought (they only just bought a new car in the past year!); limestone green was the official color and we called her the sugar shack….i can still hear her old radio playing oldies and all of singin along!!! i drove her into my 20s and then she just got so tired….my pops sold her, or rather passed her on to his dear friend who’s camped in her with his wife and new baby….she’s gotten a bit of restoration and i know some day i’ll go pick her up and bring her home……that old girl has a lot of heart and is a member of the family!!! This plate just knocks me out! never seen anything like it and sure am glad i’ve seen it now! too cool….thanks for this one, for sure….

  5. Kelle Perkins

    I stopped at a garage sale while camping near Kalamazoo, MI and they were selling that same exact plate for $0.25…I bought it because it was really unique and I love camping. I was really surprised to see it posted on your blog:)