This can of Song Food has stared at and inspired many a singer at my place including Bob Dylan, James Brown, Cyndi Lauper and hundreds more. I’ve never owned a canary (though my trained parakeet, Pepi, was one of my favorite pets ever), but the can has sat atop every pair of speakers in my recording studio since my very first hit. It first adorned a set of Auratones, excessively cheap but vital sound boxes that no matter how great of speakers you had you always had to play your mixes through to know what they’d sound like on the radio.  It’s still sitting on one of my Mackies today.

I love the side of the can that says “MASTER RADIO CANARIES ARE FED EXCLUSIVELY ON HARTZ MOUNTAIN BIRD FOODS.” What’s a Master Radio Canary?


And I love the top where you can send away for a free “canary care” booklet. They had the same offer on the cans of parakeet food. I ordered at least 20 of them and read aloud to Pepi all the time.


This may be my most favorite can I own.

3 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Hartz Mountain Song Food Can”

  1. KathyCuningham

    Allee..those radio canaries would include Martin Bloch..Ted Brown..Dean Anthony..Jack Spector..etc.
    These guys were paid birdseed by today’s standards!
    This can would come in handy at weddings!

  2. monica johnson

    this makes me miss Cracker, my parakeet.my mom entered him in a contest where if you can make your bird say “maytag sam the furniture man” yu win a washer and dryer..we taught him, but he froze when may tag sam came over with his radio crew. we adored litte green cracker..my mother once revived him with mouth to beak resesutation. (i cant spell, neither could cracker) i thought cracker was such a clever nqme at the time. i also thught Red Skelton was funny..