I can’t think of anything Coke would go better with than a nice slab of liverwurst! Not sure what inspired anyone at the company to pick this meal combo to advertise the drink but I’m awfully glad they did because this 8″ x 24″ Litho cardboard sign has hung happily in my kitchen for almost 20 years. I’ve never done it the honor of munching down liverwurst when I pop the cap on a Coke but the sign inspired me enough that my alter ego, Bubbles the artist, painted a beautiful still life of the meal in 1999…


…and soon after also made this beautiful and appetizing dinner plate.


Both for sale. Actual liverwurst accompaniment is extra.

liverwurst-and-coke-sign_1338 liverwurst-and-coke-sign_1336 liverwurst-and-coke-sign_1337

6 Responses to “Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Vintage Liverwurst With Coke Sign”

  1. Neil

    Where do I begin?
    That sign is the absolute BEST !
    And why not Coke with Liverwurst ?
    Even the worst wurst is the best !
    And as much as we love Coke with our cured meat products, a Moxie would do very nicely too.
    Time to head to the fridge, forge through my refrigerator magnets (avoiding the voracious crocodile previously submitted)find an old SlimJim (pre recall)and pop open a diet Dr. P (Moxie not available in New Mexico :<(