Allee Willis
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Busy Bee Hardware

Detroit, Michigan
November 27, 2013

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Without question, Busy Bee Hardware is my favorite mural-covered building in Detroit as the bees are so happy and so perfect for photo posing. Despite wanting to go inside this building on the edge of Eastern Market my entire life I never made it in until "The D" sing-along we had there on November 27, 2013. Boy, I was SO not disappointed! From the phenomenal family who's run the joint since 1918 with stories galore and service with a huge smile to the wide array of vintage toys, pickle crocks, canning jars, and every tool under the sun still gracing the shelves, the BB is a spectacularly preserved vintage gem serving contemporary needs. It was Thanksgiving weekend so more people were carving turkeys than shopping for saws but we had a fine time with the Busy Bee folks racing up and down the aisles of tools and solvents. I'm such a hardware store freak anyway just to be around that amount of hammers in one spot was a complete thrill. Thank you, all you Busy Bees! To learn more about "The D", the record, video, and feature length documentary go here.