Given how obsessed I am with handmade outdoor art and architectural and landscape handmade touches of all kinds it’s insane that I never knew about The African Bead Museum until we combined that location with the great Dr. Weaver & The Hallelujah Singers for one of “The D” sing-alongs.

I guess I just never drove far enough down Grand River before but trust me, that will never happen again! From the mirrored and beaded exterior to the sculpture gardens in the field bordering the freeway next door to the second massive equally well decorated building across the field the African Bead museum and grounds are a staggering sight to behold. Not to mention the most mind blowing collection of African made beads in the world, some dating back hundreds of years, textiles, sculptures and pottery, all for sale inside. Thank you, Olayami Dabls, esteemed fine-artist, museum curator, and historian, for your most excellent African Bead Museum! And as far as Dr. Weaver and his fabulous singers go, I can’t thank you enough for sounding and looking even better than expected! Such a FABULOUS day!

To learn more about “The D”, the record, video, and feature length documentary go here.