I was more of an ice skater than a roller skater as a kid, mainly because my parents let me hose down the backyard and build snow seating for the best ice skating rink in the city. This was the beginning of my party hosting obsession, understanding that creating the right environment was just as important as party themed foods, music, wardrobe, guest list, et al. Whereas roller skating happened on the sidewalks where I couldn’t control the esthetics. But I loved everything on wheels and always kept my roller skates oiled just in case I decided to try a few spins. Although I did NOT drag them out to demonstrate my lack of skill to the Detroit Derby Girls at “The D” sing-along as I wanted their very talented limbs to remain intact.

When I first moved to LA, the one and only thing I got season tickets to was The Thunderbirds, the female skating team whose games were still played at the Olympic Auditorium, where all the prizefights took place too. Vintage to a T with matching carnival food, I loved watching these girls rip by each other with precision and speed and never lost my love of the sport.

Joining the Detroit Derby Girls was Bogdon Vasquaf and his cardboard box bass. Literally made of cardboard and weed whacker twine, this thing has a rich, mellow sound and killed me!

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