Decorative Owl Lavatory Lid
From the collection of: Mark Milligan
Located in : Animals, Household Accessories


Oh, that’s right, paint the wall, then install the commode. In the do-it-yourself world of my late step-dad, there are many wonders. I really don’t know why he ended up putting this on his basement water closet back in the rural midwest, but it does add a colorful touch and seems to kinda go with whatever that industrial cleaning product is on the floor.

What Allee has to say about this:
This is absolutely gorgeous! I presently have what I’m sure is this owl’s cousin, a frog, as the toilet seat in my guest bathroom. It’s green, not as pretty as the red shown here, but the frog takes up the exact amount of space and is painted in the same style.

Though my frog was pristine when I first bought him on eBay about 10 years ago he’s been the victim of many a “misguided” male who’s caused him to streak and slowly disintegrate. I’m now inspired to look for the likes of this owl so I can replace Mr. Frog before he completely disappears.

You’re right that the toilet seat perfectly matches the industrial cleaning product on the floor next to it. Must be some pretty heavy duty action going on there to demand such a large supply. I also love the perfectly placed plunger and toilet brush. The owl is lucky to have so many little friends to hang out next to his limb.