Psycho Ceramics!
From the collection of: Howie Pyro
Located in : Collections, Statuary


here is one shelf…the wrestling guy doesn’t count nor do the little devils at bottom right, there are bums covered in rhinestones, rock & rollers, beatniks, those double ones at bottom left that are connected with a chain & my favorite, the one on the right where the guy is shaving his tongue with an electric razor…there were literally hundreds of these produced in the 60’s…

What Allee has to say about this:
I have a few pieces of these made in Japan Kreiss Psycho Ceramics, all beatniks, but it’s nice to see them all here in a collection.

Psycho Ceramics people always looked like they had a severe drinking problem but not as bad as those tipped-past-the-limit Shriners you posted:

These are very collectible so it’s great you have so many.