Big Mama (you’re beautiful) Large Pantyhose!
From the collection of: Howie Pyro
Located in : Fashion


i love the delighted chorus line of big mama’s…amazing packaging…like many of the items posted & to be posted these are hanging on my bathroom wall…i bought these at schwabs on beal street, a famous 5 & 10 cent type store frequented by old bluesman…since the early 20th century.

What Allee has to say about this:
Love thepantyhose, love that the big mamas are assured that they’re beautiful too. Love that the big mama on the right is a tall mama though NOT a big moma – don’t ask me how many tall women the word ‘big’ screwed up.

Are these from the early 1980s?

I also love that they feature a “Reusable Panty”. Eeewwwuuuu…