Jayne Mansfield Hot Water Bottle!
From the collection of: Howie Pyro
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i love these huge (maybe a foot & a half-two feet tall) things…you can fill her head with whatever you want! here’s a great publicity photo of her in a swimming pool full of them & a magazine ad…

What Allee has to say about this:
I have several of these that I got in the late 70s. I never saw it functioning as the hot water bottle it was meant to be as it’s so curvy that no more than an inch at a time can lay against your skin. And even if it could the plastic is as hard as a rock and nothing like the rubbery substance that hot water bottles were made of.

When the big earthquake of 1994 happened in LA I found Jane’s legs sticking up in the toilet. Everything else that fell off the bathroom shelves broke but Jane nose dived right into the pool and saved herself.

I have the photos and the Life Magazine cover but never saw that particular ad you have for it.