3 Channel Psychedelic Control Center!!!
From the collection of: Howie Pyro
Located in : Gadgets


i am so obsessed with this…it always freaks people out! wow! what does THAT do??? honestly i don’t really know & actually don’t care just as long as it exists in this world & i own it. i think you can wire up lights to your stereo through it & do some kinda light show.

What Allee has to say about this:
I tried to buy something very similar once but they were asking an outrageous price and no one could tell me what it did. And because a no one could tell me anything even when we plugged it in we had no idea what we were looking for. Wiring up this up to a stereo for a light show is a good guess but then I don’t know why there’d be three separate channels. I think it has more to do with putting out three incredibly annoying psychedelic tones that an early synthesizer like an Arp may have produced.