Keep Fit With Bonnie Prudden Exercise LP
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A classic, gatefold exercise album. I originally owned this yes, but donated it to our friends who have a gym here on the Cape. I’ve donated several pieces of kitsch for their shelves behind the desk! They sure do draw a slew of comments sometimes! You think the poses here are a gas, you should see the inside black & white pics!

What Allee has to say about this:
Bonnie’s look is pretty nutty. Love the patterned spandex. Am most attached to her pose in the bottom left corner. She’s got to be straining her neck and I think she only had about .0003 seconds of air left before her legs collapsed. Those shoes can’t be good for her feet either. And what’s with her boyfriend exercising in his good clothes? They look like they’re doing the Shimmy.

Bonnie seems like the type of dancer who would have been really annoying, throwing in modern jazz and ballet steps into pop dances and taking up a lot of room on the dance floor.