Fab Cocktail Shakers
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What Allee has to say about this:
Well, my heart almost popped out of my chest when I read “To Vic Damone from Hugh Hefner” on the top shaker. That is beyond stunning and would be considered a treasure in any Kitsch lover’s collection.

The happy face shaker is cute. I’m not so much a happy face collector but to see it on a cocktail shaker is rare.

The bowling pin shaker falls much more into my area of interest and the fact that it’s got a wooden top makes it really unique. But I’m still spinning from jealousy over that Vic Damone shaker so can’t really give the other two their full props as I’m speechless.

Is the date on the Damone shaker 1982? That would have been before he was married to Julia a.k.a. Diahann Carroll but I’m sure it was still a wild night at the Playboy mansion whenever Hef laid this on him.