Bejeweled Triscuit Box
From the collection of: JLY
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I took this dull, ordinary grocery item and gave it a rags-to-riches makeover. Now it’s ready to move from the pantry into its own lucite display case. It’s the Susan Boyle of cracker boxes.

What Allee has to say about this:
I think this is a brilliant art piece and a brilliant idea. The raw materials are available in unending quantities and for free as the part of the product the artist wants is what people usually throw out, the package. The size and colors of the jewels are incredibly well thought out. The original design and the box itself don’t get destroyed at all but, rather, are enhanced because the jewel placement is so perfect.

Artists who excel in more than one medium are infinitely more interesting to me than someone who does one thing great but one thing only. As I’m standing in a photo with the man who made the box I obviously know him. He’s as gifted a singer and actor as ever lived – I even lost a Tony to him – and the fact that he’s making these boxes and is passionate about it makes me admire him even more.

I’m very excited because when he presented me with this box he took another pancake mix box from my cupboard to bejewel. Great voice, great acting chops, a fantastic personality and a vision for bejeweled food boxes. What more could a girl ask for?!