Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Bank
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This Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was introduced in 1936 (my birth year). It’s a hard plastic bank made around the late 1980’s or early ’90’s, I’m guessing, with raised letters on the underside that say “MADE IN U.S.A.”. Thereafter, most similar items were made in Asia. It measures apprx. 10″ long X 2 3/4″ wide. I bought this at a toy show in Indianopolis to give to my grandson several years ago but my wife wanted to keep it at home for him to play with when he came over. I don’t think he’s been over since!

What Allee has to say about this:
Easily one of my favorite things in life, the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile will never grow old. I still get excited the few times I’ve been lucky enough to spot the real thing on a freeway and God knows I’ll never get tired of eating hot dogs, though Nathans and Hebrew National are more apt to grace my fridge than Oscar Mayers.

I did a blog post (http://www.alleewillis.com/blog/?s=weiner&x=0&y=0) on my OM wienerwhistle and went through the history of the original wiener artifacts versus the repro’s that came out later. This is a shining example of the latter. Some of them sit on red cars but these yellow one is way more in keeping with the company’s contrasting color scheme.

As far as keeping this at your place so your grandson can play with it, keep it there all shiny and bright and I’ll come visit it soon enough.