Oh yeah, it’s picnic time, baby!
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Wow, is my head completely in the gutter or is this most risque and sexy picnic album cover ever? I actually have 2 copies of this record. Couldn’t pass up the second one when I found it (a dollar well spent!). I figured I wouldn’t be likely to find another record with a lesbian picnic theme any time soon, so why not have a back-up?!

What Allee has to say about this:
Brilliant! Absolute perfection in 1950’s LP cover art direction. Adore the half eaten sandwich that’s the exact same size as the chick’s head, held by a short guy with too short Bermuda shorts and too short knee socks, the sum total of which perfectly frames the female whose head is perfectly framed by the sandwich and whose skirt is filled with flowers meant to grow out of the astroturf lawn and fake foliage. Not to mention the matching shirt and tablecloth. All of which sets the table for the perfect “Picnic” as played by a symphony orchestra. I’m assuming it’s the soundtrack from the movie/Broadway musical (though I’d prefer a robust repertoire of nice songs to eat to).