Shanghai McNuggets
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Here is several pieces from McDonald’s Shanghai McNuggets promotion from the late 80s. They had special Asian-themed dipping sauces that came with the nuggets, and also included chopsticks and a fortune cookie for good measure. Seen in the picture are the bag they came in, the chopsticks, the McNugget box, and a fortune from one of the fortune cookies. If you are curious the fortune, or “Shanghai Mcfortune” as they call it, says “You will meet a tall, handsome stranger”.

What Allee has to say about this:
How great you have the whole McNugget set. I remember thinking when McDonald’s did this that it was kind of blasphemous. I don’t need Asian dipping sauces with my cheeseburger. I also wish the fortunes had a little something to do with the product they were packaged with like “You will meet a tall, handsome hamburger”.