Words cannot do justiceā€¦ to these S&Ps
From the collection of: Ray Kristof
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Scientific evidence that human creativity is infinite: standard salt/pepper shakers covered with a crust of dyed, crushed seashells and glitter. Purchased from a shop in Bellefonte, PA, January 2009.

What Allee has to say about this:
These look like a project done during crafts hour at camp (something that I lived for). I love the attempted uniformity of the placement of the shells. I especially love the big glob of pink something that slobbered over the Florida shell on the left shaker. Maybe it just looks that way on camera. Though in the best of Kitsch worlds, I always pray that something like this is, in fact, glue that the artist just got too exhausted to wipe off.

The amount of different sized particles making up the bulk of the crust is nauseating and wonderful.