Grassy Charging Station (a vacay for your gizmos!)
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Not only can you adorn your home/office (or car!) with real artificial grass, your gadgets will be comfortable and attractive while they charge. And those pesky cables hide conveniently underneath in a secret compartment! To quote, “Your gadgets will think they’re on a charging vacation.” [I neither own this item nor the rights to the photos above, which I captured from the web pages below. Feel free to edit this handy disclaimer. Or not.]

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What Allee has to say about this:
Well, it’s no secret to me that you have masters level discerning eyeballs when it comes to spotting worthy gadgets and you have not let me down with this one! The idea of some of the most precious gadgets in our lives having a comfortable resting place, not to mention one that gives our eyeballs a rest from looking at all the dangling cords is both practical and kitschy, a fantastic crossover product that perfectly fuses hi and lo.

If I weren’t afraid my cats would pee on it I’d get one.