Colorforms Debbie
From the collection of: Slazz
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Kit contains endless fashion possibilities for Vinyl Debbie on the Go, or Elegant Vinyl Debbie ready for a night out on the town with Vinyl Eddie (sold separately).

What Allee has to say about this:
SO jealous of this one I can’t even see straight!!

First of all, the colors on the box are gorgeous. Second, Debbie’s pose, made all the better by everything we’ve learned about Debbie over the years and thinking about all that energy scrunched up into this pose that’s got to be ungodly comfortable to stay in while the photographer gets a shot. Third, what’s going on on her feet? Fourth, the match of the hair and lipstick. Fifth, what is she doing striking that kind of pose in the middle of the street?

Love the font.

Was there really a Vinyl Eddie?

Is everything still inside the box? Would love to see some of the outfits.