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I cant stop making these things Allee…im all started last November when shrink changed my meds. i hope it doesnt turn out like Awakenings..where i wake up one day and dont know how to use my glue gun. Plus I’ve been eating hot sauce since 7 this morning.

What Allee has to say about this:
This is the story of my evenings, the only time I ever read, an activity I do solely to induce sleep. If I watch TV, my preferred activity any hour of the day, I get too excited about the infomercials and it delays my zzz’s.

I hope you don’t stop making these. I love the combination of objects. I can see the influence of hot sauce imbibing.

Using a glue gun is like riding a bike. It’s something you never forget but just have to remember to get your fingers out of the way.

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