Collection of Edward Mobley Squeaky Toys
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Before there were dogs, there were toddlers, and those toddlers apparently liked dog toys. These were obviously created as learning tools as well for entertainment. With eyes that closed when they were knocked down and a high-pitched noise emitted when they were crushed, it was baby’s first tactile experience with getting tangible results from applying physical abuse. I’m sure plenty of kids are the better for it. My favorite is the elephant because, well, that’s not really what an elephant looks like, is it? The lamb is a close second though, with her eyebrows, crows feet, and her ears laid back like she’s ready to attack. These were all manufactured by the Arrow Rubber Company between 1960 and 1969. They stand about 10-12 inches high and are about a foot long at most.

What Allee has to say about this:
I’ve always loved these things but never put together that they were all made by the same manufacturer. I love the way the paint just looks sprayed on. The hue of the light blue kills me as does the fleece and satin ears on the elephant. Why were none of the other animals so deserving of this extra material? Now that I’m looking at these I’m becoming obsessed with collecting them. Bravo to you for already having a fairly complete zoo.