The "Night Of The Living Negligee" parties, of which there were three - 1989, '90 and '91 - are probably the best known of my parties. Each year I invited 100 women on the nose to come over in pajamas, play games, sleep over, bond. The only men present wore signs that said 'We're not men. We work here'. At Negligee I, girls wore souvenir Pink Princess Glamour Boas, scarves I made out of pink toilet paper with feathers glued into the perforations, and Pierre Ooh La La's Glamour Gowns, dresses made out of Hefty garbage bags made on the spot by Pierre, aka Stanley DeSantis, on a dress form donated to us by Bob Mackie. They played The Tampon Toss, a basketball offshoot whereby girls lobbed Tampaxes into poodle and other vintage toilet seats strung in the palm trees. There was The North Hollywood Wax Museum featuring famous women as candles. The highlight of the evening was "Tab Hunter " - A million women can't be wrong", where we watched a film clip of Tab Hunter winning a jitterbug contest on the 50's television show, "Katherine Murray's Saturday Night", and when Katherine hands him a trophy my front door slides open and in walks Tab with the trophy. The girls sceamed and swooned and the 'We're not men, We work here' servants handed out cans of Tab for a toast.

Negligee II featured "The Big Blue Fingerwave Curler Toss" game where girls tossed sponge rollers across the pool in attempts to land them in Melmac saucers and win prizes like an Xavier Hollander game, black velvet poodle paintings or an Eva Gabor wig. "The Parade Of Plump Potato Princesses" featured potato likenesses of famous older women. The big contest was "Win A Dream Date With Fabian", where the girls watched a short film I made starring Fabe going to all the places he would take the winner - the Salvation Army to buy her 'gold', to an 'exotic' locale, a poorly painted mural of withering palm trees on the wall of a cheap Chinese restaurant, etc. The winner not only got the date but Annie Flanders, founder of Details Magazine in which I had a column, "Some Like It Smog", for two years, announced that it would be a featured story in the Valentine's Day issue of the magazine. The girls had to take a Fabian quiz based on the movie and then the five finalists had to compete with their own stories of what their dream date with Fabian would be like. The winner was Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson, who won the sympathy vote because she had once been engaged to Fabian and was seeking revenge.

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