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Allee Willis Loves Detroit
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Sajjad Abdul-Aziz Sajjad Abdul-AzizThe Gym !!!!It was super awsome and super fun , givin it for the Greatest city eversajj313@hotmail.com
 Maureen AbeleDetroit Opera House with Rackham Symphony ChoirWhat an exciting experience! Thank you Allee for your lovely and fitting composition and Andre for your excellent direction. I am privileged to have been part of this special event to honor of the great Detroit 'Citay'! 
Domonique Abner Domonique AbnerThe Chrysler HouseThis was an amazing experience and I'm so happy to be a resident of this awesome city! #TheD 
 Suzanne Mallare ActonDetroit Opera HouseWhat a great experience! Loved working on the project! Thanks, Allee for all you are doing for Detroit! 
 ted adcockbusy bee hardware 
 D'Marreom Alexandermosaic youth theatre of DetroitI had the honor of being apart of this project,along with the other young artists. Allee was so open to our Ideas and creativity. Because of this we were able to do a step that we came up with. Once again, thank you for the wonderful experience. 
 Scott AllenDetroit Yacht ClubReally, Really cool! Proud to be a part of it all! 
 ahmed alnasirwayne state 
 Ada and DebBusy Bee HardwareWe had so much fun! Thanx for the experience. 
Michele Anderson Michele AndersonAfrican Museum of BeadsThis experience will be with me for a life time. It was great doing something to uplift the City of Detroit. Allee and Andre were fantastic, and the director was simply awesome. Thank you for the experience. 
Rachel Anderson Rachel AndersonCollege for Creative Studies Ford CampusFucking Awesome! 
 Andre AndrewsGreater EbenezerI love my choir they are superb. 
 Megan AnielBob maxey fordI brought my toothless dog murphee! 
 Bill AprillDoubletree Suites by Hilton Detroit DowntownThanks Allee! 
Mikaela Armstead Mikaela ArmsteadMosaic Youth Theatre of Detroitmikaela.armstead@yahoo.com
Charlie Arnett Charlie ArnettDetroit Opera HouseWhat a Blast! 
 Nadia K. AubreyFisher 
 Jakayla AyersThe dIA 
Fran Bachmann Fran BachmannDetroit Opera HouseFabulously fun experience!!! Sending positive vibes to the "D" 
 Andrew BackerDetroit Opera HouseSuch a great opportunity!!! Glad to be a part if it. 
 Michael BaileyDowntown Detroit Doubletree HotelIt was a blast! and I was honored to be a part of something positive for the city. Keep up the great workBaileyprotection@aol.com
 Kate BakerThe Detroit Historical Museum and the Dossin Great Lakes Museumkateb@detroithistorical.org
 Melody BalosDetroit Opera HouseI loved the song! Super catchy and I love the message for Detroit! :)melliemu123@gmail.com
 Mary BarnesAfrican Bead MuseumMaryj62@att.net
 Jodie BeauDoubletree Suites 
 Michelle BenitesDossin Great Lakes MuseumHad a really great time with the group I was with. 
 London BermudezMOTCCI am 10 years old and soo proud to be part of this...had soo much fun. 
 Kelly BettsFord Piquette MuseumReally enjoyed being a part of this experience. My fiance and I were just checking this place out as a wedding venue and now we'll always have a great memory of that experience! 
 Gina Beulahthe church of the Messiahit was awesome it was an amazing experience I'am honored to be apart of this project and I LOVE the song.esbeulah@global.net
 Sue BielatRock Academy/Musicians Community Center/The HiveWhat an absolute wonderful experience, today, to go along with a absolutely wonderful song, THE D. Thanks to Allee and Andre for their graciousness in guiding us "newbies" through their production. 
Debbie Blair Debbie BlairFisher buildingIt was a blast! 
Caira Blevins Caira BlevinsDossin MuseumI enjoyed myself , can't wait to see the video! 
Dakari Blevins Dakari BlevinsDossin Museum on Belle IsleMy first video shoot at age seven. My Mom made me and I still had fun . 
Michael Boettcher Michael BoettcherDetroit Opera HouseYay, that was fun! 
 rick bolgerThe Church of MessiahIt was great 
 myron boyd jr.eastern marketI'm a student at d.e.p.s.a 
myron boyd jr. myron boyd jr.eastern marketI'm so excited to be apart of something soooo cool 
 Diane BrazerHeidelbergGlad I could be a part of the "D" ! 
 Debbie Brooks ChutzTemple IsraelSo grateful for Allee and the love she has for our city! Thanks to Andre and everyone too. Wonderful to be with such caring people. 
 Christian BrownThe Hive ColonyHad fun time playing drums hope it works out for the videocjbrown73@gmail.com
 Courtney BrownThe Heidelberg ProjectI really enjoyed being apart of this experience! Met some cool people and had an awesome time.mrs_co82@yahoo.com
Jeanean BryantJeanean BryantMumford High SchoolKeep God First!
Proverbs 3:5-6
Rafael Bryant Rafael BryantIn Detroit 'The Heidelberg Project' View Rafael Bryant's Photos
 Kristen BuffaMCC Rock AcademyI had alot of fun doing this! 
 Sherkisha BurnetteQuicken LoansIt was so much FUN!! 
 Ericka ByrdLafayette LaundryA beautiful experience! Love my city! Detroit-cit-tay!!!!!!!!!!!!Byrd_rck@yahoo.com
 Sara CallejaCollege for creative StudiesI was the knight dressed up in purple and black. I can't wait to see it finished! 
 Sophie CannellaMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitSo much fun! This song is going to be a huge hit all over Michigancannella.sophia@wbsdk12.net
 Dave CarlisleDetroit dog rescueI had a lot of fun. Meeting Allee was an honor. 
 Gwyn CarlsonDetroit Historical MuseumNow that was FUN.
Can't wait for the video to come out
Adrea Carrier Adrea CarrierHeidelberg projectI was just showing my friend from the Dc area around the D, and we stumbled upon this video filming! What a way to show her how great the D really is!!!! 
 Charles "Carson" CarsonChurch of the MessiahAWESOME!!! 
Donna Carson Donna CarsonThe Detroit Bead MuseamWhat a wonderful time I had. Only in "The D"auntied53@gmail.com
Lawrence Carter Lawrence CarterD HiveLrne_ace@Yahoo.com
 shawn CarterAfrican Beam 
Marlo, Gordon, & Mary Carver Marlo, Gordon, & Mary CarverMusicians Community Center & Rock AcademyWhat an honor it was to participate in such a worthy cause. We had a blast! View Marlo, Gordon, & Mary Carver's Photos
 Chris & Kim & K.C. CasteelHeidelberg ProjectProud to be a part of a wonderful collaboration with great people showing how phenomenal it is to be in the D!waveplayers@comcast.net
 Jonathan ChezickUnited States 
 Anna ChisholmDetroit Opera House with MOTCCIt really cool to participate in this project. Thank you! 
Tim Cholyway Tim CholywayDetroit Opera HouseA Wonderful Experience!timcopera@aol.com
 Bree ClevelandMosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit 
 DeAngelo Jr. ColemanChurch of the Messiah DetroitDE TROIT CI TY 
 Makyah ColemanMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitIt was an amazing and fun experience! 
 Lyndsie CookDoubleTree Suites by Hilton Detroit Downtown 
 Lacey CooperDetroit Opera House/MOTCC 
Patricia Cooper Patricia CooperFisher buildingHad a great time and Allie thanks for showing everyone that great things do happen in Detroit.Patriciacooper1753@yahoo.com
 Debra Cooper-ColemanThe Chrysler HouseHad a great time, felt like a movie star. 
 Colleen CoughlinCollege for Creative StudiesI had a blast! Thank you, Allee! 
 Debbie CoxDetroit Historical Museum 
 Richard CrabbBusy Bee HardwareLoved having Allee sing in our store!
Great time was had by all.
Daziah Crawford Daziah CrawfordMosaic youth theatreI loved working with everyoneY~" 
 Joni CrawfordOpera HouseIt was Great!!!! 
 Lonnie CunninghamAfrican Bead Museum 
 Donna CurtinThe Heidelberg ProjectHi Allee I'm the Funk Brothers vocalist in the chains lol. It was an amazing experience. Loved meeting you and talking wit you. Can't wait to see your final project. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. 
 Xaneveya D.Detroit Opera house...it was coolonnasahj@gmail.com
 ryan daniellmcc rock academy 
 Darius DarlingDetroit African Bead Museumreally enjoyed being apart of this great venture! thanks allee and andrae 
 Portteia DavidsonMichigan Opera Theatre Children's ChoirIt was an amazing opportunity, it was wonderful meeting you! 
 Chloe DavisAt Mosaic Rehearsal SpaceWas totally awesome!!!! Allee W. is a awesome person. I enjoyed myself since this is my first year in Mosaic Main Stage. Hope you all had a great time! :3caroldavis0121@att.net
 edwina davisHeidleberg projectGreat fun, great mix of folks 
 Janest DavisHeidelberg Project DetroitI had a wonderful time singing with Derrick Milan & The Krew and Michael Mindingal. Thank you Allee & Andre 
 Lisa DavisExperiencia Preparatory Academy 09/30/2013It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed watching the students get involve singing and dancing to the songLiljoyce2@aol.com
 norma Albright DavisMumford Class of '65'Good time at Mumford today Loved It. 
 Phyllis Davis 
William Dawes William DawesDossin Great Lakes Museuma great experience 
 Keith Day, Jr.Mosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitI really enjoyed being a part of this AMAZING project. I had the opportunity to film a dance solo with my best friend Sydni Jackson in the video, and it was a once in a lifetime experience!Kthday@yahoo.com
 Andrea Del RioCollege for Creative StudiesSo much fun! 
 Janet Moffat DeMerchantDetroit Historical MuseumHow wonderful to bee part of this exciting project. Thanks, Allee, for what you are doing for the city we love! 
 Beth DeuelDetroit Opera HouseHad a great time! 
 Amanda DeVriesMusicians Community CenterBeautiful day and a whole lotta fun! 
 barbara disnertemple israelGreat fun, great song, great city! thanks Allee. Thats me in the front row bright green sweater and scarf.bardisner@aol.com
 Caleb DixonMichigan Opera Theatre Children's ChorusThanks for the opportunity to participate in such a fun project! Greatful for the autographs as well!TATWC3@hotmail.com
 Tiffany DockeryThe Hive ColonyHad a awesome time for my birthday could not have asked for a more special day!tdockery26@gmail.com
Peter DudleyPeter DudleyDetroit Historical MuseumI rehearsed with Heart of the Hills Senior Players (I play bass guitar) Wednesday morning. I thought the shoot would be over by the time I arrived at the Glancy Trains Exhibit (I'm a volunteer) at the Museum. One of the visitors (Kate Patterson, who is a fabulous jazz vocalist) inspired me to stop playing with trains and come out singing (I sing with Banjos East and Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir). I offered to dispose of my Glancy Trains engineer cap for the video (I helped build the Exhibit in 1997 - all I got was that lousy hat). But someone said it was a plus. I regret that I didn't grab my Gibson out of my trunk (that tiny violin didn't do it for me).
In 1972, I was working at the Bob-Lo Dock at the foot of Woodward when they filmed that old "Take Another Look at Detroit" commercial. That jingle is still rattling around in my head. Now, I've got something to replace it!
Check out my profile at: www.LinkedIn.com
 Jeremy DuncanD Hive 
 Kevin EdwardsHeidelberg, and Detroit historical MuseumI Had a great time even though I'm not a singer. View Kevin Edwards's Photos
 Egor EgorY ' ,OE ,< ,,, <, ,,OE *** ,**, <... , , NLG< '.
' "** NLG ,. >> http://mnogo.zarplatt.ru/
 Eddie EichenhornDetroit Opera HousePart of MOTCC. Liked being with my brother and mom. 
 Emily EichenhornDetroit Opera HousePart of Rackham Choir and the MOT chorus. What a blast. It was exhausting and great fun. And I love that my kids participated, too. 
 Miles EichenhornDetroit Opera HousePart of Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus. Lots of fun. 
Shiv Enakar Shiv EnakarWayne State University 
 laura evans 
 rodney ezellwith the greening of detroit 
 Leonard FarmerThe Hive rehearsal studiosI was the primary bass player with a supporting group of about 6 others. Great day to jam as fun was had by all. 
 Delaney FarverEastern MarketI had so much fun that it only feels like I can do it again. Oh yeah 
 DelShawn FarverThe Chrysler HouseHad a great time, awesome experience. 
 Gabrielle FeberThe Detroit opera houseI am in the MIchigan Opera children's chorus.
It was an amazing experience!
 Gabriela Ferrera-JourdanMusicians community centerI loved being on the roof and singing "The D" with all my friends. It was an amazing opprotunity and I will never forget it. 
 Tracy FilangiDetroit Fisher TheaterMe and my very pregnant belly had a great time! ;-) 
 Logan FitzgeraldI played guitarskyskelton97@yahoo.com
 Dylan FlaniganMCC Rock AcademyI was one of the many drummers there that day.Redflame3450@gmail.com
 Katrina FlemmingDossin Great Lakes Museum 
Lisa Fontana Lisa FontanaThe Chrysler House - Quicken LoansWAY FUN!!! 
 Jehnya FootittDetroit opera houseIt was so awesome to see Allee Willis!!
And I had alot of fun.
 Catherine ForcilloBusy beeLoved it 
 Theresa FountainHenry Ford Hospital Main CampusWhat an exciting experience. The lyrics are real and true to the spirit of Detroit.
Thanks Allee.
 Susan A. FoxDetroit Opera Housegreat fun in a great city 
 Emily FrakesMCC Rock Academy 
 James FrederickDetroit Historical MuseumI am Detroit singer Kate Patterson's manager and was so happy to participate in this exciting event with her and ALLEE!!! Keep on keeping on.......katenotes@att.net
Jeff Fritz Jeff FritzDetroit Opera HouseWhat a BLAST! Proud to be a part of a celebration of the Detroit Spirit!jefffritz@hotmail.com
 Kate FullerDetroit Opera House -MOTCCSo. Much. FUN!!!! Thank you for the experience!andrealfuller@yahoo.com
Venturi Gaddis Venturi GaddisDetroit Historical MuseumI had so much fun being the making of this video, Allee was so personable and real I might add. fellow Mustang. 
Temperance Gaines-Perkins Temperance Gaines-PerkinsChrysler House- Dime BuidlingI had an awesome time singin' in the D about the D! Two thumbs waaaaay up to Allee and Andrae! 
 Madison GanzakDetroit Opera HouseWas sooooo much fun! 
 john garrettmosaic youth theatre of detroitthats me in the grenn shirt it was so fun allee and andrae are so cool 
 Kiana Garrisonmosaic youth theatre of Detroit 
 nancy garvin 
saba gebrai saba gebraiExperenciaAmazing!! Great Experience!! 
 Tom GenovaFord Piquette Avenue PlantIncredible high-energy experience! Thanks for everything you have been doing for the "D"! 
 Lucy GeorgeDetroit yacht club 
 Andrew GeorgeffHeidelberg ProjectI had no idea I would have such a ball, thank you so much Alee! 
 Lisa GeorgeffHeidelberg ProjectMe and my kids had a blast, I love giving them all kinds of experiences, and that one was high up on the list of the best times, Thank you Allee for caring so much for our city and bringing your magical touch!! 
 Nina GeorgeffHeidelberg and MOTCCWow, what a lucky kid Iam, not once but two times!! Thank you Allee!! 
 Teresa GierlachDetroit Yacht ClubIt was an amazing experience to be a part of this collaborative project to celebrate Detroit. We feel very lucky to have been included. 
 Emily GietzenBelle isleEmilygietzen@yahoo.com
 Tim GietzenDossin Great Lakes MuseumWhat luck... we came to the museum to find a bunch of fun loving Detroiters. We joined in the fun! View Tim Gietzen's Photos
 Lorissa GittensHenry Ford Hospitalhad sooo much funn View Lorissa Gittens's Photos
Jessie Glander Jessie GlanderCollege for Creative Studies 
 ryan goimarac@gmail.comat CCSI was dressed as iron man! 
 Jill GoldmanTemple IsraelIt was a ball. 
Molly Gole Molly GoleDetroit Opera HouseWhat an AMAZING message for Detroit. So honored to be a part of this.molly.gole@gmail.comView Molly Gole's Photos
 Deidre GriffithCollege For Creative Studies Detroitit was fun. :pdeidrealyssa@gmail.com
Chris Griskie Chris GriskieCollege for Creative StudiesIt was a great way to spend my lunch break! 
 Emma GuzmanDetroit Opera HouseHad a blast!! What a wonderful song!! 
Leila Haley Leila HaleyCollege for creative studiesHad a great time!!! :D
I was wearing the captain america mask and leather jacket.
 Kory HamblinMosaic Youth TheaterIt was a wonderful experience that I will never forget 
 Tamika HamiltonChurch of the MessiahAwesome!!!ramunda07@gmail.com
 Allison HammerCollege for Creative Studies, Detroit MI 
Shelley Harlen Shelley HarlenHenry Ford Health System - Main Campus (Detroit)Detroit is a wonderful city full of a amazing people. Thank You Allee for letting the whole world know. 
 carolyn HarrisWayne state universityHad a ball and enjoyed. It was a pleasure! 
Delores Harris Delores HarrisBob Maxey FordI had a ball!! You, Andrae, All About Animals Rescue group and your crew were great. It was like a party for Detroit! Let me know if you need me again. Remember, I'm a professional singer/songwriter/actress!
What you're doing for the city we grew up in, our city, is AWESOME! !
 View Delores Harris's Photos
Kirsten Hatchett Kirsten HatchettMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitI really enjoyed singing a love song for the city in my heart, and I'm so happy to be apart of this positive movement! 
 Michael HendersonRock Academy Musicians Community CenterI am one of the drummers that was up on the roof. I just want to say thanks to Allee for what she is doing and allowing us to join her for the D. Shout out to Andre for his "on point" conducting and keeping us all in the pocket !!! 
 Robyn HerringHeidelberg St. 
 Kimberly HicksHeidelberg Project - Detroit 
 Scott HochCollege for Creative StudiesI was SuperBatman and i got to fly! it was awesome!artscotthoch@gmail.com
Denise Hogstrom-Kurowski Denise Hogstrom-KurowskiDetroit Opera HouseWhat fun!!! Such a joyful way to share our pride!Dkurowski@strategicstaff.com
 Bonnie HollanderTemple IsraelIt was awesome!bonniehollander@aol.com
 Kadie HollanderTemple IsraelI'm so glad my mom let me miss school so I could sing The D. Thank you Allee for making this! 
 Lyne HowzeHenry Ford HospitalI had fun singing and dancing with my colleagues! So proud to have been a part of this video for my city that I love! 
 Mohammed HudaD-Hiveit was fun! 
Kirsten Huff Kirsten HuffCollege for Creative StudiesA beautiful day! Lots of fun! 
 linda hughesheidelberg projecthad a great time! thank you allee and andre View linda hughes's Photos
 Grace HuppDetroit Opera HouseIt was a great experience to be in the music video with the Michigan Opera Theatre Children's Chorus. 
 Ryan HurleyMichigan Opera Theatre (RSC)VERY FUN! 
 r hygwrsg 
Maria Ingall Maria IngallHenry Ford HospitalI had such a great time. Thank you for the opportunity to sing about a wonderful city and place to live and work. Also, thank you for the opportunity to work with the great personalities and minds involved with this production!! Thank you Allee for being you and for including Henry Ford Hospital in your journey. View Maria Ingall's Photos
 Elaine IsiacThe African Bead MuseumI had a blast singing with my church choir - "Visions of Voices" and with Dr. E. LaQuint Weaver II and The Halluejah Singers. The song is great to do a hustle on it. I can't wait to see the video for Detroit. Enjoyed dancing to the song with Allee and Andre.iladye1@aol.com
 Belle Isle HurtyaThe Masonic Temple Drill HallThanks for letting the Detroit Derby Girls be a part of your song!forthecrown@hotmail.com
Taylor Ivey Taylor IveyMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitHad an absolute BLAST singing this song!!! Overall great experience and had fun with all of my peers making such an incredible performance. Thanks Allie!taylorivey63@yahoo.com
 Carmen JacksonBob Maxey FordI am a Detroit vocalist, also the niece of the late Milt Jackson of the Modern Jazz Quartet! What Allee is doing for Detroit is so wonderful, just great I had a blast with all the staff as well as assistant writer Andrae, you guys ROCK!carmenjackson92@yahoo.com
 Aspen JacobsenMichigan Opera TheatreI had the best time meeting Allee Willis and singing 'The D' with the MOTCC. Thanks for doing this for Detroit and giving us kids a chance to be in your music video. You're the best!

 ken jacobsen 
Leiah James Leiah Jamesmosaic youth theatreI loved working with the amazing crew and ALLEE 
 Charda JamesonMosaic 
 Ian JayeCollege for Creative StudiesStill have the song stuck in my head. Had a great time 
 Nicole Jeannined:hiveFUN! FUN! FUN! A good way to spend some of my day....spontaneous! I love it!nscott823@gmail.com
 P.J. JellisThe Heidelberg House of Soul!How much fun for a city that knows how to party *and* work hard! Thanks Allee "D" Willis and your crew for the work, time, energy, smiles and laughter. Hope is rising in Detroit. A kiss, a hug and many thanks! 
Malinda Jemison Malinda JemisonAfrican Bead MuseumI had a ball! Thanks for having us. 
Malinda Jemison Malinda JemisonAfrican Bead MuseumI had a ball! Thanks for having us. 
Chrissy Jenks Chrissy JenksCollege For Creative Studies 
Brittany Johnson Brittany JohnsonDetroit Opera HouseThis was one of the best experiences of my life, and it happened in one of the best places in the U.S.! 
 David JohnsonThe HiveGreat song! . . . lot of fun!davids1215@hotmail.com
Diane johnson Diane johnsonThe Detroit Historical MuseumThis was an amazing and fun packed filled event. It was a great opportunity to show the amazing spirit and resilience of all Detroiters. Our amazing city will come back stronger than ever.Resourceteacher101@gmail.comView Diane johnson's Photos
Willie Johnson Willie JohnsonDossin Great Lakes MuseumHad a great time makeing the video on Belle isleearlj515@comcast.net
 Lynne Johnson-BenaglioThe WhitneyHad a fantastic time, as always, in the "D"!ljohnson2@dmc.org
 C L JohnstonUnited StatesLots of fun! 
 Janel JohnstonDoubleTree HiltonWhat a blast!!!!!jmjohnston1270@gmail.com
 Verna JohnstonUnited StatesOne of the most fun days I've had in a long time. 
 Tamela JonesHistorical museumI love Detroit! This day was so uplifting to meet, sing, and dance with good Detroiters. I was motivated to finish my entertainment show called, DETROIT TREASURES. Where we only talk about the GOOD things happening in the city. Checkout, 12th Street Entertainment youtube channel. New episode starting in October. Thanks to Allee and Andre, you guys rock! You guys are true Detroit Treasures and thanks for letting me be a part. I love you Detroit!entertainuall@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth JosephFord Piquette PlantHad a ball! What a gracious Team that did an amazing job-thank you so much for helping our beautiful city! 
 Lynn Jourdanmusicians community centerawesome had a great time. talked to allee for a few minutes. a truly wonderful lady.a high in my own musical career. 
Wendy Keebler Wendy KeeblerDetroit Opera House (with Rackham Symphony Choir)Had a wonderful time! Go, Detroit!wwkeeb@aol.comView Wendy Keebler's Photos
Christine Kelly Christine KellyDossin MuseumBig pleasant surprise. 
 Denese KelseyHenry Ford HospitalThis was one of my most fabulous days EVER!! So proud to be a part of this. 
Mark Kempinski Mark KempinskiHeidelbergIt was a blast! We love Detroit and all it has to offer. View Mark Kempinski's Photos
 Ian KibbleI played bongos at the musicians community centeriakibble98@gmail.com
 angela kielthe doubletree 
Ajani Knox Ajani KnoxPiquette St. across from Family of Faith Church United StatesThis past Saturday afternoon 
 Michael KoleskyMCC Rock AcademyI played acoustic guitar. 
 Andy KopietzD:hiveandy@dhivedetroit.org
 Hannah KorteCollege for Creative Studies 
 Andrew KozlowskiThe Detroit Yacht ClubFun day--Awesome people!lkozlowski64@gmail.com
 Daniel KozlowskiDetroit Yacht Clubdankoz996@gmail.com
Linda Kozlowski Linda KozlowskiThe Detroit Yacht ClubBest Time EVER!!!!!!! You guys are Awesome! Thanks for getting the Real story out there! 
 Rachel KretThe Detroit Opera HouseIt was an awesome experience! so grateful I had the chance to do this 
 Rene KurtzHenry Ford Hospital, DetroitThank you Allee, Andrae, and Daniel for this awesome day in "September" for coming to Henry Ford Hospital and giving us a chance to be part of "The D"
such a great song for Detroit City
 Payton LaBelleRock Academyjvannatter6489@wowway.com
 Sabrina LamarDetroit Historical MuseumI sang and played my saxophone. 
 Bea LancasterMessiah ChurchIt was so much fun! Thank you!! 
laura Laura laura LauraRosalesIt was great! !!cottros@gmx.de
 Belinda LeeFisher BulidingAllee you co-wrote two of my favorite songs September and Boogie Wonderland. I am thrilled to sing for you!!!! 
 Karon LeeVideo on Sept 21Had a blastmoma2boo@yahoo.com
 John LeonThe Greening of DetroitThank you for what you are doing! We had a lot of fun. 
 TaShaun LewisMosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit 
 Karen LichtyHenry Ford Hospitalgreat fun! 
 Bud LieblerThe WhitneyThanks, Allee, for 'prayin' on it, stayin' on it and plantin' a kiss...' It was fun singin' it and bein' in it at The Whitney. Go Deetroit City, Go! And Go Tigers!!! 
 Lola LiggonsHenry Ford Hospital & Fisher BuildingThis whole experience truly moved me! Thank you Allee and Andre for writing this song...you are bringing light and hope to this great city! 
 Gary LindellDetroit Opera House with Suzanne Acton and Rackham Symphony Choithank you for the privilege and opportunity...much fun!!
 Edna LindseyUnited Central MethodistI sang with the Deep River Choir. I am pleased that I joined and appreciate the experience of singing at the D. I believe God is in the plan and that the performance with make a difference in someones life and be an uplift for the City of Detroit.

May God Bless everyone involved.
 Patricia R LinklaterFord Piquette Avenue PlantJoining in the POSITIVE growth in DETROIT has been inspiring and we can hardly wait for the full blown video for all of the Positive People who not only live in Detroit and they came today 9/28/13 providing their voices from Genesee County - Howell, MI
 Julie MacDonaldHeidelberg Project 
 Brooke MadarCCSIt was Amazing! I was the fox! 
DeVonte Maddox DeVonte MaddoxMosaic youth theatre of DetroitI'm so thankful we had so much fun!Maddox_devonte@yahoo.comView DeVonte Maddox's Photos
 Kaila MadisonMosaic Youth TheatreI had so much fun bringing all of our companies together to make this dream a reality. And now I've got song credits. Yea! 
Stephen Marchio Stephen MarchioCCSloads of fun, excited to see it 
 Elaine MarkowitzMumfordGreat fun! 
 Marilyn Markowitz LantorMumford High School Sept. 16, 2013It was great being in the new Mumford building! Helping Allee sing her lyrics and playing such a vital role in Detroit was so meaningful.mblantor@aol.com
 Zuzanna MaroszekWayne State UniversitySo much fun :) 
 Jarrard MartinUnited States 
 johnetta martindeep river choirI had a wonderful time recording TheD View johnetta martin's Photos
 Sharlita MartinDabl MuesumFor this to be my first time being in a video it was fun and exciting it was wonderful and I would love to do it again. 
Reyna Martinez Reyna MartinezMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitIt was one of the best things I've ever been a part of! 
 Dean Massalsky 
 Carrie, Blake, Mason Mature, RaymondBob Maxey Ford 
Paul Maurer Paul MaurerDetroit Yacht ClubAwesome time! Thanks.paulmaurer2003@yahoo.com
 Theresa McClendonMumford High SchoolIt Was A Great ExperienceTheresam445@gmail.com
 Lisa McGiffertThe WhutneyGreat experience! It was my mom's birthday and to be part of the video on her special day was fantastic. The crew even acknowledged her birthday during the shoot and afterward. Allee is very animated and made the video shoot entertaining. I can;t wait to see the final release! 
 Jonathan McGrathCollege for Creative Studies 
Bronco McKart Bronco McKartEmpire BoxingIt was an enjoyable experience! Proud to be representing the D! 
 Michael MeleWayne State UniversityGreat times with my fellow brothers of sigma pi - singing on campus - Detroit!michaelmele13@gmail.com
Bob Miller Bob MillerBob Maxey Ford Downtown "D"It was so cool. Allee Willis and her staff are great people, they made us feel like family. Once in a life time opportunity. The D a great place to be. 
 Madelynn MillerMichigan Opera Theater Children's ChoirAllee Willis was fun and inspiring 
 Wallace MillsDetroit Mosaic Youth TheatreI really enjoyed it 
Jamiliah Minter Jamiliah MinterMosaic Youth TheatreThis has been an amazing experience. I'm so thankful that Mosaic was able to be one of the many artists that recorded The D.jamiliahminter@gmail.com
 Taylor Mockmosaic youth theatherloved it! 
 Ana MontesdeocaCollege for Creative Studiesthis was great!anivimon@yahoo.com
 princessonakapomadianna Moorechurch of messianiam a dancer/singer/dancer&actress(1980 renasaunce festival)i started singing inthe 1960's with my parents church/baily &seth temple in detroit,mi.gosple age:6yrs.i cut a recording with mother waddles perpetual missions when it was on gratiot ave.now on green field rd/grandriver.kmodel for scarad club-for greg stevens/trina erison/jimtottis pre.performed at 20 clubs to many to name.agent name;robert sr.of the old sax club.agent:jodie feathers&st.charles(pittsburgh,pa.1973-1980.own:primpomacorp-1999-2009)student:st.bonoventure secular franciscan -grad date:2014 nov.3rd sunday.citizen district council member of mcdougal hunt-3year term.iam very greatful to have done detroit vedio with the church of messiah-pastor barry is a great insperation in my life along with jeff sturgs,in makerspace-earn a computer progarm in which i learned how to repair the computer.notary public for wayne county.navy reservis.i enjoyed the making of the d. princessonakapomad.moore i don't have a picture to upload at this time.princessonakapomadiannamoore@yahoo.com
Evan Morgan Evan MorganWith Mosaic Youth AcademyThis was an awesome experience and, WE LOVE YOU ALLEE.evanmorgan0102@yahoo.com
 Marlon MotleymumfordIt was fun! I was the mascot it was cool hanging with an idol.marlonmot11@gmail.com
 Nabil MoussawelWayne State UniversityAwesome!!! 
Tom Muench Tom MuenchDossin Great Lakes MuseumWow, and that was a first and FUN!Y~NLG 
 Shannon MurphyFord Piquette ave plantI had so much fun 
 Brenda MurrayIn The Motor CityThe greatest experience ever! I was honored to show Detroit how I really feel about her. There is nowhere like Detroit. The Big D is coming back!We love you Detroit. 
 Matt NahdeeThe WhitneyDETROIT CIT-AYEEmatthew.nahdee@wifn.org
Aditya NambiarAditya NambiarDetrpot Opera HouseFUN EXPERIENCE!!!! Great to be a part of this amazing video.....GO DETROIT!!!! 
 Karen Natow-DisnerTemple IsraelI was on Stage Left (??) - If you're in the audience, you will see me on the left. I was in the front row, wearing a Turquoise blazer with a red shirt underneath.
It was Fun! Fun! Fun!
Terese Nehra Terese NehraCollege for Creative StudiesI had so much fun! Thank you, Allee Willis, for putting together this amazing project celebrating all the wonderful people and places in Detroit! 
 Nancy NelsonDetroit Opera Housenan.nelson@yahoo.com
Taylor NeumannTaylor NeumannCollege for Creative Studies, Ford CampusIt was so much fun to work with everyone! I loved doing cartwheels in the big drum circle and it was awesome to meet working professionals like Allee and Danny. View Taylor Neumann's Photos
 Clara NixonNew vizion missionary baptistKmnxn213@yahoo.com
 Nmarinaquig Nmarinaquig, NLG***^ OE, ***,< ***,OE ,<,OE -NLG!

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Y,OE ***, ***;
",NLG ... - , < NLG <, ,< ,,!
'< NLG, ,<,OE: <^ ***,<'... ,<*** NLG OE!
,OE: ***OE !
,; - NLG *** 2 NLG,< OE NLG ***,NLG!

Y,, ,** ^ ,. >> off.zarplatt(,***)ru
 Michael NovakBusy bee hardwareThe most fun we have had in weeks 
 Sandy NovakBusy Bee HardwareAllee was just fantastic and we all had a wonderful time 
 Lisa NowakDetroit Yacht ClubThank you Allee, Andrae, Jason, Tim, Daniel and the entire crew for THE BEST DAY EVER!!! Love you guys...ROCK ON, DETROIT! 
 Richard O'ConnorFord Piquette MuseumReally enjoyed being a part of this experience. My fiance and I were just checking this place out as a wedding venue and now we'll always have a great memory of that experience! 
Amber O. Amber O.MOTCC @ the Detroit Opera HouseWhat an amazing experience, I had so much fun! Thank you Allee! 
 Pam OdzianaThe WhitneyGreat Fun, like always, in the "D"!podziana@dmc.org
 Anthony OffakDossin Great Lakes Museummy little girl and boy helped out with dancingmoreotrash@yahoo.com
 Matteo PapadopoulosDetroit Opera House-MOTCCThanks for the great opportunity! 
Marisa Papak Marisa PapakDetroit Yacht Club22papak29@gmail.com
Machelle Parker Machelle ParkerChrysler HouseI had a lot of fun singing and working with some awesome people! 
Jennifer Pasha Jennifer PashaDetroit Opera HouseWOW!!! Allee and the guys are just super! What wonderful time we had last night and what a phenomenal experience. I am honored to participate in an event that makes the City of Detroit SHINE!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALLEE!!! Jenny P.jenniferpasha@comcast.net
 kate pattersonDetroit Historical MuseumI hand wrote the charts and pinned them to my shirt - people were reading the lyrics from the sheets on my bosom!! I danced in the SOUL TRAIN and Andrae and I danced together - great! I am a Detroit-based professional singer and am best known for being the Whitney's "House Chanteuse" from its opening in December, 1986 through 2004. I'm a leukemia patient in yet another clinical trial and just like my city of Detroit, I just keep on going!!! Keep on gigging!! Keep on singing and swinging in the "D"katenotes@aol.comView kate patterson's Photos
Ronnie Patterson Ronnie PattersonBusy Bee HardwareI am the one who said "Ohio State" 
Ronnie Patterson Ronnie PattersonBusy Bee HardwareI was the one who answered "Ohio State". 
 Lily PaulMOTCIt was so much fun meeting Alee and being in the video 
 Sue PauleyPiquette PlantSuper Fun experience with very talented people. Thank You! 
 robert peakIt was beautiful i enjoyed every second.... 
 Donna PearlmanHeidelbergGreat fun, enthusiastic and uplifting day! Thanks, Allee for you vision and creativity! 
 Victor PereiraCollege for Creative Studies 
 Danielle PhillipsDetroit Opera HouseSo fun! 
 Sarah PiperDetroit Opera HouseGreat to join a positive celebration for Detroit.jspiper@comcast.net
Jessica Pistor Jessica PistorDetroit Opera HouseIt was so much fun! What a blast working on an awesome song about an awesome city 
 Nicole PittsHeidelberg ProjectClark and Jacey (first and second from the left) are Wayne Linsey's cousins. We all came with David Winans II, another of Wayne's friends. Jacey danced in front of the drum players and had a ball!

Ryan (far right) is a Pasteur Elementary student, so Heidelberg was his second time singing "The D."

Many thanks for a transformative experience, Nicole Pitts
Alivia Ponsetto Alivia PonsettoBelle isle 
Kimberley Porter Kimberley PorterChrysler house Quicken loansGreat time experience of a life time with good high energy people I would do it again and again 
England PowersEngland PowersThe Heidleberg Project in Detroit.It was a Joyful exp of this experience being a part of this project. I love Detroit born you and reared. Thankyou Mrs. Allee Willis for your love and concern!!!!england_powers@yahoo.com
 Marissa PranteraMusicians community centerpickles. 
 Mittea PrestonMosaicIt was awesome! 
 Courtney Protz-SandersBob Maxey FordThank you for the opportunity to feature animal rescues in Detroit! We had a lot of fun too!volunteer@pawsforliferescue.orgView Courtney Protz-Sanders's Photos
 Heather PughCollege for Creative Studies 
 Jacquise PurifoyThe Church of the MessiahWe had a blast sanging for the D! 
 roy radleyBusy Bee HardwareIt was fun to see how it was donerlr-bld1@comcast.net
 Jeremy RafterCollege for Creative StudiesFUN! 
 Ryan RamseyPasteur ElementaryIt's a catchy song! 
 Rev. Barry RandolphThe World Famous Church of the Messiahch 
 kenyon reesechurch of the messiahIt was a pleasure working with allee willis and her staff. 
 kenyon reesechurch of the messiahIt was a pleasure working with allee willis and her staff. 
 Holly ReissFisher BuildingLOVED this. So glad that Marshalle Montgomery gave me the tip that this was happening. SHE is the coolest woman I know. 
Anjela Richards Anjela RichardsDowntown Detroit DoubleTree by Hilton HotelIt was a blast can't wait to see final videoAnjela_Richards@live.com
Teka Richardson Teka RichardsonMosaic Youth Theatre Of DetroitI sang with Mosaic Youth Theatre Of Detroit. 
 Austin RiveraCollege for Creative Studies 
John Rizzo John RizzoCollege For Creative StudiesThat was great! I love your music! Keep up the fantastic work! 
 Rmarinaquig Rmarinaquig, NLG***^ OE, ***,< ***,OE ,<,OE -NLG!

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",NLG ... - , < NLG <, ,< ,,!
'< NLG, ,<,OE: <^ ***,<'... ,<*** NLG OE!
,OE: ***OE !
,; - NLG *** 2 NLG,< OE NLG ***,NLG!

Y,, ,** ^ ,. >> off.zarplatt(,***)ru
 Sarah RobertCollege for Creative StudiesI had a great time! Can't wait to see the finished video.sarahmarie6363@yahoo.com
Sparkle Rodgers Sparkle RodgersLafayette LaundryGreat experience and joyous time! Go Detroit!!Sparklerodgers@hotmail.com
 Linda RodriguezDIAThank you very much for coming to the DIA....I been a volunteer for 20 years there, and I look forward to your music video !!!Linda_ann_48126@yahoo.com
 Rebecca RossCollege for Creative StudiesRocking the the Bubba Fett helmet!zeorjr@charter.net
Dwight Roston Dwight RostonChurch of the MessiahHAD A BLAST DOING IT AND LOVED THE SONG 
Ninfa Russo Ninfa RussoDossin Great Lakes MuseumWas a blast 
Hannah S Hannah STemple IsraelIt was so much fun working with all of you!!! You ROCK!!! 
 Hannah STemple IsraelIt was a good experience and it was awesome!!! 
 socrates sakelarisheidelberg project 
 Abhishek SamuelsonWayne state universityHad an awesome time!! catchy tune!!abhishek.arpeggios@gmail.com
 Annie SandersHenry Ford Hospital 
 Chechi SaraiHeidelberg Project & Detroit Historical MuseumI had an AWESOME time at both places! Can't wait until the video comes out!powergroupmgmt@gmail.com
 Andrena SasserThe Church of the MessiahI'm from Nikki's Ginger Tea 
 Amanda SchiavoneThe Heidelberg ProjectDetroit love! View Amanda Schiavone's Photos
 Isaac SchiavoneThe Heidelberg ProjectMade in Detroit! View Isaac Schiavone's Photos
 Zayda SchneiderDetroit Opera HouseSinging the D was so fun! I didn't know we were doing a documentary and and music until i got there. I was so excited. It was a blast!zayda.schneider@gmail.com
 Randi SchreiberTemple IsraelSo much funY~NLGwhat a wonderful thing you are doing for Detroit!!! 
Shannon Schultz Shannon SchultzCollege for Creative StudiesIt was SO much fun!!! Everyone had such a great time and I will never forget the experience. 
 Clintona ScottDownriver Choir And Heidelberg ProjectI had a Blast singing The D Allee, an experience build to last and I will always remember another good time in DETROIT CITY! and many more good times to come I hope to be here with the Downriver Choir!amanwithatie@Yahoo.com
 Jasmine SellersMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitIt was an amazing experience! There was so much energy and everyone was so excited. It really touched my heart, and I am grateful to be a part of this process. 
Deena Selph Deena SelphHenry Ford HospitalThis was an awesome experience and I truly enjoyed myself. I am honored to have participated in this project. View Deena Selph's Photos
 Gabby SettlesWayne State UniversityIt was the most random yet wonderful thing that's happened to me so far on campus. I loved it! 
Cory Shanbom Cory ShanbomHeidelbergGreat to meet you cousin Allee. I'm a high school senior looking forward to future in film and performing arts!Coryshanbom@me.com
Steve Shanbom Steve ShanbomHeidelberg 
 Marquise ShelbyMosaic Youth Theatre 
Agnieszka Shepard Agnieszka ShepardDetroit Yacht ClubThank you Lisa Nowak, Allee and the Crew for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful project. It was a great experience that I will never forget. Also, I want to thank you for all the work and effort you put into making this inspiring and beautiful song about our city. You guys are the best :)AShepard@wayne.edu
 Wade ShoffCCSDETROIT CITY!!!!!! 
 Juli Siagkris-SeymourLafayette Laundry!Great direction- "Loads" of fun :) So happy to support a new business in the D, Lafayette Laundry, and the great Allee Willis and her tribute to this energized time of resurrection of Detroit!! 
 Sai SiddamCCS 
 Donna (Ola) Simmons BeyCentral United Methodist ChurchI am a member of the Deep River Choir under the direction of Ms. Bobbi Thompson. I enjoy the choir and love all my fellow members. 
Alicia Simpson Alicia SimpsonMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitI had a fantastic time singing "The D"! Thank you so much for such an amazing oppourtunity that I will never forget! :) 
 Micah SimpsonMosaic Youth Theater 
 Jaipal SinghWayne StateDetroit pride! 
 Hannah SkierskiMusicians Community CenterHad a lot of fun shooting this video...glad I could be a part of it!! 
Jim Skierski Jim SkierskiMusician's Community CenterIt was great to be a part of this project at the Musician's Community Center, and also to be able to share the experience with my daughter - one of the "rooftop" singers! 
 Andi SklarTemple IsraelThanks, Allee! It was fun! 
 Ann-Marie SmihalBusy Bee HardwardThank you so much for the great time! Thank you especially for paying attention to a little girl (my ukulele playing 9 year old daughter) and further fostering the love of music in her. You were all so very kind. I love the song! 
Audrey Smihal Audrey SmihalBusy Bee HardwareThank you so much for letting me play my ukulele for you. I was nervous and excited that you recorded me playing. I had so much fun! 
Veronica Smith Veronica SmithHeidelberg ProjectMindingall's Souls After Souls had a great time singing "The D" 
 Caroline SolonCollege for Creative StudiesIt was an absolute honor to be a part of the music video that gives tribute to the D and I had a blast filming it with everyone :) 
 Gage SoucieThe College for Creative StudiesA fantastic opportunity! Thanks for thinking of us, Allee! 
 Rosemary SpataforaCentral United Methodist Church/Y-Arts Deep River ChoirHad a really great time with a fun and creative group of people! Thanks so much for inviting the Deep River Choir to participate. It was a blast!!! 
 Joshua SpellExperiencia Preparatory AcademyI didn't know that I would walk onto a video and documentary shoot when I woke up that morning. Turned out to be an AWESOME day!!!joshspell921@gmail.com
 Linda SpightThe D HiveIt was exciting and invigorating. I really felt like one of the Motown singers! 
Daniel Duane Spyker Daniel Duane Spyker@ Central UMC downtownI am a charter member [Sept. 2007] & tenor soloist of The Y-Arts Deep River Choir and for me this was the most exciting gig we have ever done [&we've done a bunch]. The production crew treated us like the professionals we know we are. I love my city or else I wouldn't have lived here over half of my present 61 years. Ms. Willis is doing our beleaguered city honor by creating this project!daniel31418@yahoo.com
 Stephanie StallingsD HiveAwesome! 
 Haley StanburyWayne State UniversityVery well organized. A once in a lifetime experience. I'm so glad it was for support of my favorite city! View Haley Stanbury's Photos
 Marcella StariccoDetroit Opera House/ MOTCC 
 Summer StarlingDetroit, MI; Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, Busy Bee Hardwaresstarling27@gmail.com
 Allegra SteinbergDoubleTree Suites by Hilton Detroit DowntownGo Detroit! 
Jacquie Steingold Jacquie SteingoldDetroit Historical MuseumI loved the camaraderie and being a part of this positive Detroit project. Allee Willis is a treasure 
 Dennis SternTemple IsrealIt was the most fun. What an inspiration working with people who love the D like i do. 
 Desha StewartCCS 
Emma Stewart Emma StewartCollege for Creative StudiesHad a great time filming! Awesome song and awesome people!emmastewart2319@yahoo.com
 Lecta M. StewartCentral UMC-Y-Arts Deep River ChoirHad a really good time singing and video taping the choir. Hope to do it again soon and that everyone enjoys the final product. Smile. you are from "The D" 
Patricia Stewart Patricia StewartDetroit Opera HouseI grew up in Detroit, was educated in the public schools and have spent most of my career working here. I'm so proud to sing the city's praises, no matter where I am! Thanks for this opportunity to make music and honor "The D!" 
Alicia Stocker Alicia StockerD:hiveme@aliciastocker.com
 Justin SuttonFord Piquette PlantWhat a great day! Thanks for doing this! 
 Linda SuttonChurch of The MessiahIt was a great moving experience. I felt empowered. 
 Judith SzefiDetroit Opera HouseThanks Allee for the words and music that sums up the memories of the Spirit, Heritage, and Greatness of Detroit. Here's to Hope for our future. Love and Hugs to All.j.szefi@yahoo.com
 Zack SzottCollege for Creative Studies 
 James TashjianDetroit Historical Museum Legends PlazaWhat a pleasant surprise and wonderful group of entertainers and participants to celebrate the rebirth of my hometown. 
 Robin TateHenry Ford Hospital Detroit, MII had a ball! it was a blast! haven't had that much fun in years. 
 Therese TateGreater EbenezerBeing a part of this project is a wonderfully blessed experience. Thank you Barb! And thank you Allee Willis!trtate_1@yahoo.com
 Andrea TawilDetroit Opera House with the Rackham Symphony Choir"Detroiters are friendly -- Chicagoans are just polite. There's a big difference."
--David Landsel (http://tinyurl.com/cop4ccu)

"And our music's better, too."
--Me (just now)
 Brittany ThomassonCollege for Creative Studies 
 Yolanda TisdaleTemple IsraelGreat to be a part of it! 
 Tmarinaquig Tmarinaquig, NLG***^ OE, ***,< ***,OE ,<,OE -NLG!

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",NLG ... - , < NLG <, ,< ,,!
'< NLG, ,<,OE: <^ ***,<'... ,<*** NLG OE!
,OE: ***OE !
,; - NLG *** 2 NLG,< OE NLG ***,NLG!

Y,, ,** ^ ,. >> off.zarplatt.ru
 Jennifer TownMasonic TempleDetroit Derby Girl 
 Frank TraumHenry Ford HospitalA very fun time! Kudos to everyone for a professional, exciting experience. 
 Rosi TrianoHeidleburg, Dossin MuseumIt was great fun and wonderful to see so many people representing different parts of Detroit! 
Mosum Trivedi Mosum TrivediWayne State UniversityIt was lovely to meet such creative people in Detroit like Allee and Andre and Daniel! Great fun to do front walkovers and cartwheels too 
Audrey Turner Audrey TurnerDetroit Opera HouseSo Fun!! Thank you for this love song to Detroit! Such a privilege to be apart of it. 
 Sam TyloMusician Community CenterI'm the guy with the sax! Had a great time! Love to help out and jam! 
Lauren "Wham!tramck" Uchalik Lauren "Wham!tramck" UchalikMasonic TempleWith the Detroit Derby Girls! 
 Roberta UrbaniGreening of DetroitWe had a great time planting trees and singing "The D" with volunteers and teen employees Green Corps of The Greening of Detroit, making the D a greener and happier city! 
 Nick VallanThe MCC Rock Acadamy 
 Lois VanStipdonkDetroit Yacht ClubMost fun I've had in a long time. Allele is awesome! 
Bogdon Vasquaf Bogdon VasquafMasonic Templeunbelievably amazing. I enjoyed performing the song with Allee face-to-face and jammin like crazy!bogdonmusic@hotmail.com
 Tony VitaleDetroit Historical MuseumAlso soul train dancer 
Anne-Marie Viviano-Poltorak Anne-Marie Viviano-PoltorakDetroit Opera HouseWhat fun singing and filming with Allee and Andre 
 Tobi VoigtDetroit Historical Museum 
 Joseph WaddellThe African Bead MuseumVisions Of Joy, Dr. E. LaQuint Weaver II, & The Halluejah Singers..Hey, this really was kind of fun, I think we all enjoyed ourselves. What a promotion for Detroit. We thank you, we thank you. Great job Allee and Andre and all the others involved. Thanks for having us. 
Maria Wade Maria WadeMusicians Community Center & Rock AcademyI am the vocal coach there, and was one of the singers, also spoke a little on an interview with Allee about the Center and what we do there. 
Christina Wallag Christina WallagDetroit Opera HouseSuch an amazing experience! I'm so glad that I was a part of creating this video.wallagchristina@gmail.com
 Laura WaltersCCSLook for the cartwheeler!! So much fun and pride! 
 Liz WaltersTemple IsraelThank you Allee for writing one of the best songs about my Detroit I've ever heard. Let's make people know what our city is really about - - - good people! 
Lauren Ward Lauren WardDetroit Opera HouseI absolutely loved doing this!! It was an amazing experience for me and I'll never forget it! 
 warinaOa warinaOaY ' ,OE ,< (,) ,,, <, ,,OE *** ,**, <... , , NLG< '.
' "** ^ ,. >> zarplatt.ru
 Gail WarrenMumfordFun time! 
Natalie Watson Natalie WatsonDetroit Opera HouseSang with MOTCC (Michigan Opera Theatre Childrens Chorus) 
Eva Watt Eva WattBob Maxey Ford, DetroitLots of fun! 
 Adrienne WattsMumford High SchoolHad a great time singing and dancing. 
Lori Weatherwax Lori WeatherwaxMichigan Opera TheatreWow, what a blast! Great song, tons of energy and a well organized event. Thanks Allee, Andrae, and crew! 
Dr. E. LaQuint Weaver II Dr. E. LaQuint Weaver IIAfrican Bead MuseumIt was a great experience to have been apart of this video. What an honor to be asked by Allie & Andre to singing on this! 
 latisa whitemosaicI had alot if fun singing the D it was such an honor meeting allee willisw_latisa@yahoo.com
 Leavetta WhiteChrysler House (Quicken Loans)I had so much fun singing & shooting video. Great Song!! Everyone did an amazing job. 
 Lauren WilbornMosaic rehearsal space 
 Allee williamshere 
 Clark, Jacey and Ryan WilliamsHeidelberg ProjectClark and Jacey are Wayne Linsey's cousins. We all came with David Winans II, another of Wayne's friends. Jacey danced in front of the drum players and had a ball!

Ryan is a Pasteur Elementary student, so Heidelberg was his second time singing "The D."

Many thanks for a transformative experience, Nicole Pitts
Jack Williams III Jack Williams IIIMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitI had the wonderful experience of singing "The D" twice. Once for Allee and the second time with her. Working with Allee and Danny and Andre was just flat out amazing. 
David Winans II David Winans IIHeidelberg ProjectA very enjoyable shoot. A pleasure to meet Allee Wills, Andre Johnson, Rodriguez, and the rest of the crew working this, project. Special shout out to Marci, and Donna from The Pasteur Elementary Alumni Project. Mumford Mustangs forever! View David Winans II's Photos
Kimberly Witten Kimberly WittenDetroit Opera HouseWe had a great time 
 Grant WolachThe WhitneyIt was great seeing Allee Willis and her gang again, back in Detroit trying to make a difference. This endeavor is certainly an awesome spirit booster. It was also nice meeting Andre and working under his direction.pianoworksinmi@aol.com
 Beverley WolginMumfordSuch fun! It was great being with old friends, singing and laughing together. LIke old times. 
Camyiah Wright Camyiah WrightEastern markerCamyiahw456@gmail.com
Michael Yashinsky Michael YashinskyTemple IsraelD-licious. 
Mieya Young Mieya YoungMosaic Youth Theatre of DetroitI had sooooo much fun singing and filming the D. Such an amazing experience!!! Allee Willis was amazing! 
 Stephanie ZackHeidlebergWhat a happening! So much fun to join in on a celebration of the "d". 
Sofrona Zane Sofrona ZaneDetroit Opera HouseSo much fun! Love the D! 
 Brigitte ZookThe Detroit Opera HouseAwesome!!!! 
 Heidi ZookThe Detroit Opera HouseWhat an AMAZING experience!!!! 
 Danielle ZuccaroDetroit Dog RescueSo proud to be a DDR volunteer and a part of A Love Song to Detroit!