Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Green Thumb Watering Can


I see lots of green thumb inspired objects but this articulated fat fleshy hand is one of the best. This kind of molded hard plastic stuff kills me. And the green paint hugs the thumb perfectly like one of those stretchy self-adhesive rubber bandages. Holds just enough water to take care of my matching plastic plants.

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  • mai-ling says:

    when my dad used to do bonsai before his
    stroke, he said the way to becoming a
    better gardner is according to how many
    trees you kill. although, i think he got
    that line from someone else. you know how
    showbiz folk are, we borrow lines from
    each other.

  • windupkitty says:

    this is cool, but I kind of can’t look at it…when I used to work as an EMT, i’m pretty sure i saw a hand that looked like this….and i’m pretty sure it was still attached to someone….

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