Allee Willis’ Kitsch O’ The Day – Grand Funk 7/11 Slurpee Cup


Being one of the earliest Hard Rock bands, panned by critics and shunned by radio until they released “We’re An American Band” in 1973, Grand Funk Railroad seems like a strange match for early corporate sponsorship let alone being wrapped around a Slurpee. Which makes this one of my Kitschiest Slurpee Cups as pop acts like Smokey Robinson and The Fifth Dimension, who also snuggled up to 7/11, made more sense as a commercial match. For a moment at least, Grand Funk was singing “We’re An American Brand”.




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  • Suez says:

    Love it Love it…Can I buy this? Oh this is just too cool!

  • Allee says:

    It IS cool. If I had 2 the second one would be yours. But alas…. Much appreciated you appreciate it.

  • Suez says:

    Aww….thanks for the sentiment of sharing if you had two. Very nice.

    Can I use your pictures on my blog site?

  • Allee says:

    Yes, but please give me credit and/or link back to my blog as this is part of my Kitsch O’ The Day collection. Thanks!

  • Shawn Robare says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that only cool things come out of mixing rock ‘n roll and Slurpees. I missed out on the cool cups growing up, but my favorite 7-Eleven rock themed Slurpee item was the lenticular coins that were hidden at the bottoms of the cups back in ’85. Like the weird Gran Funk juxtaposition, I feel equally amused by the Ozzy Osbourne and Dio pairings on the coins. Granted MTV was in full swing by then and everything seemed like it was more or less corporatized in the 80s.

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