Cover Song Kitsch – Bank of America CEO Sings U2
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When I think of Kitsch, there is usually something gaudy or off center in the visual – however, this kitsch is so straight laced it’s hard to imagine how anyone could keep a straight face in this Bank of America corporate staff meeting where the marketing exec’s actually sing U2’s “One” as a way to inspire their shareholders. Bad taste, absolutely. Although they all seem to be wearing perfectly appropriate business attire. B of A, what the hell where you thinking?

What Allee has to say about this:
Insane, sickening and wonderfully kitsch at the same time. I hate this kind of voice anyway where it sounds like the singer’s weeping with every note. I’d like to choke this guy just to get him to stop just like I’d like to choke Bank of America. Maybe if this CEO had spent more time doing his work and less time practicing U2 songs the world wouldn’t be in the horrendous financial shape it’s in. I wish he were on the Gong Show (tho he’s not good enough for the show) so I could gong him in the head.