Por Favor, Ya No Llores
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I’m not sure if this pobre muchacha is crying because these fine gentleman have trapped her and forced her to listen to their song or if she’s being held captive by a cruel bandito and they’re trying to comfort her….Either way, my guess is the tears kept flowing…..

What Allee has to say about this:
I have no idea what the title means but look at her face closely – this pobre muchacha looks a little like Elvis in drag. Throw the hairdo and hot pink polyester scoop neck mound of material known as a dress in and you got a hit of Lady Byrd Johnson too.

I don’t know if she’s trapped behind that wrought iron gate so much as upset that there’s so much detail going on in its design. I also love that the two male musicians, one of whom looks like he’s playing an ice chest, seem to have no apparent interest in her distress, content to gaze at each other or God.

An excellent touch is that the name of the label is Bego, as it looks like she might be beg-o-ing to get out.

What year? I’m guessing around ‘63 – ‘67ish?