60’s Go Go Dancers video
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This is most likely from a Spanish film from the 60’s. I love anything with “Go Go” in the title!

What Allee has to say about this:
Not Spanish at all. The Greeks also had their way with churning out the cheese. According to YouTube this is a scene from the Greek film, “Ah! Afti I Gynaika Mou” (1967), with music by M.Plessas.

This movie has jumped to Number 1 on my must-track-down list. The go-go girls costumes are so cheap, only outdone by the amount of money not spent on the choreography. The move at :25 to direct the camera to the action at the table kills me. Then again at :55 and 1:35. I’m stealing this technique! The dance’s end at 2:16 is also spectacular