Sets and PropsSome of my favorite sets and props I designed.

Breakfast Club "Right On Track" music video, 1987Drums made out of car tires, car springs, metal and frying pans. The kick drum featuring a shoe pedal.I bought a Pinto in a junkyard and just starting painting and pasting away.Working on the car.On the set. I stayed up all night painting it and built the props over the previous week and a half.A movie camera made out of a 50's prop camera, a carburetor and vinyl record albums.The keyboard and amp, made out of the front end of a Studebaker.One of a zillion guitars I made around that time.Contemplating my next paint stroke in The Breakfast Club kitchen.A tasteful lamp.One of my Birthday Chairs and a desk made around an old teletype machine.Me and the Shagman, aka Seymour Heller, on the Breakfast Club set.

The Carsmobile, built on the base of a golf cart.The Cars "You Are The Girl" music video, 1987Back of the Carsmobile.Me backing the golf cart into the set to begin building it.The console of the spaceship.The Cars through the window of the spaceshipMe building the Captain's chair.Rik Ocasek in the Captain's chair.Me shooting the console with the Space Camera.Close up of the Space Camera.Cars guitar #1.Cars guitar #2.Me with Cars guitar #3.Cars guitar #4.Cars guitar #5.Me playing Cars guitar #7.Cars guitar #8.Cars guitar #9.Cars guitar #10.Cars guitar #11.The Love Chamber of the spaceship.The Cars in The Love Chamber.Coffee table and chairs.The Cars keyboard.

The model city I built out of vintage found objects and art I made out of foam core for the'animated part of the film."Death To Environmental Cheese Monsters"short film for Hard Rock Cafe Earth Day Special, CBS, 1991The animation was achieved by twelve men stuffed under the platform moving dowels attached to each object back and forth on cue.Detail of the city.With Nigel Dick, who I co-directed with.With Nigel Dick, achieving a driving effect.With Charlot Crossley in my backyard in front of a 15' x 12mural I painted for the live portion of the film.Close up of Charlot and I in front of the mural.Charlot as Foxy Tunglow, star of the film.Charlot/Foxy.

Me and Debbie Harry.Debbie Harry "French Kissin In The USA" music video, 1987Debbie Harry and The Kissing Machine.The Kissing Machine19876'3" x 42" x 25"Chris Stein playing French Kissing guitar.

Charlot Crossley as Foxy Tunglow in "Love Candy". Everything on the set was from my house."Foxy's Tips On Love", The Ha Channel, 1991A series of three short films I wrote, directed, art directed and scored. From "Love Candy".From "The Road To A Man's Stomach Is Color Coordinated".

Heart on the set of "There's The Girl".Heart "There's The Girl" music video, 1988The drum booth.Close up of the drum booth.Ann Wilson in the vocal booth."I Need Another Hit" guitar #1.Close up of "I Need Another Hit" guitar #1.Heart guitar #9.Close up of Heart guitar #9.Me on the set playing Heart guitar #2.Heart guitar and amp.

Julie Brown on the set."Just Say Julie", MTV, 1989-91"Trapped In The BodyOf A White Girl"A panorama view of the main set.The astroturf couch with golf club legs and sand trap ashtray in front of the fireplace which featured a metal fire that revolved on a vintage turntable. West view of the living room leading to the bedroom.East view of the living room and kitchen.Me and Julie.The kitchen.The Breakfast Center.The bedroom. The prom dress and tux were attached to the bedspread.The TV.Another tv and picture frame.The Make Up Center.Me at The Make Up Center.The make up mirror.

I made this saxophone from a Yamaha sax for Dave Koz for a music video from "Lucky Man". I co-wrote "When The Sax Man Plays" with Dave for that CD.Dave Koz sax, 1991The sax soaking in acid to remove any gook before the gluing and painting begins.Just starting.The original front of the saxophone. It was replaced by the large foam head.

The first set I ever designed and painted. For Homecoming at the University of Wisconsin in 1967. The dice were motorized.Monop-Sade set, University of Wisconsin, 1967 An article I wrote for The Daily Cardinal, the University of Wisconsin newspaper, about the show containing Monop-Sade.

The Sheila Sands Show, 1998This show ran on Wednesday nights for six months at Cafe Largo in LA before moving to The Roxy where it was produced by Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner. I handmade everything.Me making all the props in my backyard.

Me and Shelley Duvall peeping out of Little Bo Peep's trailer.'Shelley Duvalls 'Mother Goose Rock N Rhyme. HBO, 1991I won a Cable Ace Award for this set I designed for Cyndi LauperLittle Bo Peep scenes.Shelley Duvall as Jill, Dan Gilroy as Jack, me as me as Cyndi Lauper as Little Bo Peep.A flower.The interior of the trailer. I handpainted everything except a few thrift shop paintings I brought from home.Shelley Duvall inside the trailer.The sink.The stove.The dining area.The kitchen table and chairs.The TV.The coffee table.