“Too Much Wah Wah”

by Bubbles the artist
36″ x 48″


This is Bubbles the artist’s most popular image. Bubbles has made me very happy with Mr. Wah Wah. He has hung in my studio since she first expelled paint on canvas. This is also the painting in which Bubbles perfected her perfect hair technique.


This gentleman was a ‘funky fella’. He played in a lot of frat bands when he was younger, but there are just so many times one can sing “Proud Mary” without wanting to kill her, so he dropped out and sold insecticide for a while and then became a diligent postal worker. I bet he can still shimmy and shake with the best of them. I hope he can still fit into his suits too because he had one in every shade of orange, chartreuse, brown and avocado there was along with matching shoes, turtleneck and, as legend has it, underwear.